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  • Beautiful slideshow of the Jokulsa a Bru in all its living wonder, Kárahnjúkar and Töfrafoss in August 2006, just before the inundation. Photos by Christopher Lund. Music by Damien Rice.Download
  • UPDATED!! Powerpoint show of some of the areas endangered by the aluminium industry. (Use right-click -> download/save as) 31.1 MB
  • Jamaica Bauxite Environmental Organization – Excellent video section showing the horrors of the mining of bauxite…
  • ALCOA put it countrypie simple in this short where they brag about being major arms manufacturers. “Overview of Alcoa’s contribution to the aerospace industry, from Kitty Hawk to the latest commercial jets.” Strange that ALCOA are trying to convince the Icelandic people that they have nothing to do with arms manufacturing.
  • Illegal arrests in Reykjavik August 2005
  • Saving Iceland video interview for Undercurrents in early 2005
  • TV report about the action in summer 2006 to highlight the danger Eyjabakkar wetlands are in from the Karahnjukar project.
  • World of Solitude – This is the beginning of a rather tame full length documentary about the Karahnjukar project. It was finally released in 2005 but never received decent distribution even if it won the St. Petersburg documentary festival prise. Beautiful nature shots and some good interviews.
  • Stækkað álver í Straumsvík mengar jafn mikið og allur bílafloti íslendinga. / Advert against the expansion of the ALCAN smelter in Hafnarfjordur. “An expanded smelter will bring as much pollution as of the entire car fleet of Iceland.
  • Election advert of the heavy industry parties May 2007. “Yet again, a heavy industry government. You’re not going to stop us now… We’re only just beginning!”
  • Slideshow compiled from Ómar Ragnarsson’s photographs of the flooding of Halslón. Strange choice of soundtrack.
  • Dramatic interpretation of the Trinidadian smelters

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  1. redcurrant says:

    For video updates on actions and events go to:

  2. Pétur Kr says:

    Flott viðtalið við Miriam Rose í kastljósi gaman að skoða myndböndin hjá ykkur líka, ég er nú samt alls ekki nógu ánægður með að þið hafið keyrt í gegn um hvalfjarðargöngin á leiðinni upp í norðurál eins og hvalfjörðurinn er nú fallegur uss uss :) Góðar stundir

  3. Wim van der Meer says:

    Dreamland trailer is also online:

  4. thea chang says:

    i had no idea, thank you, i guess greenland will be next……
    i could say much on this issue, but i will not chief seattle said it better…
    thea chang from hilo, hawai’i

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