Here you can find downloadable / printable files (mostly as pdf, if you can’t read it, download Acrobat) and other resources for action. The Resources section was last reviewed in 2019.

Multimedia Resources
Iceland’s globalisation: Iceland’s destruction – Click the image above to enlarge

‘Voices of the Wilderness’ Saving Iceland’s camp and conference magazine. The magazine contains articles on the struggles in Narmada, South Brazil, Kashipur, Trinidad, a sermon by Reverend Billy who will preside the conference, a detailed description of the consequences of aluminium production in the extensive article Double Death by Felix Padel and Samerendra Das, an abstract of Eric Duchemin’s presentation of the effects of megahydro on climate, and a range of general information on the Saving Iceland camp and conference.


Other Saving Iceland Resources:



Saving Iceland European Targets Brochure – Your Guide to Smashing the Aluminium Industry in Europe – Includes: Maps, photos, names and addresses

A 2008 Update to the European Targets Brochure



Tor – program to download for anonymous web-surfing (not for strong anonymity)


Direct Action Guides

Ecodefence: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching

Ozymandias Sabotage Handbook

Road Raging

Act Up – Civil Disobedience Manual – Civil Disobedience Documents


Information about the aluminium industry

Frumvinnsla áls – Lýsing á hinni mengandi og orkufreku framleiðslu álbarra. Þýtt úr : ‘Foiling the Aluminum Industryï’

IRN Aluminium toolkit – Foiling the Aluminum Industry: A Toolkit for Communities, Activists, Consumers, and Workers

Behind the Shining: Aluminum’s Dark Side

Jamaica Bauxite Environmental Organization – Excellent video section showing the horrors of the mining of bauxite…

Scanned articles on the damming and industrialisation of Iceland.

    We also host a lot more articles to read – click the ‘Articles’ tab and ‘Destroyed Areas’ (articles specially about Karahnjukar).

‘Power Driven’ magazine version in PDF- One of the best English language articles written about Kárahnjúkar. Published in the British newspaper The Guardian

‘Power Driven’ online version in PDF

Il paradiso non puo attendere – La Repubblica delle Donne pdf. Italian translation of Guardian article. p.96

Dutch translation of Guardian article

Ice Burks! – SchNews article – Serves as an excellent follow up to the Guardian article

Sue Doughty’s answer to Mitchell’s “amendment” to her Early Day Motion which Icelandic media tried to suppress!

Damned Nation – The Ecologist – Very good on the spiel behind the Kárahnjúkar dams and ALCOA

Skýrsla vegna Urriðafossvirkjunar – Dr. Ragnhildur Sigurðardóttir

Kárahnjúkar leaflet (short) – International Rivers Network (IRN) & Friends of the Earth International

A Project on Thin Ice – Factual analysis of Karahnjukar dam-project by IRN (more substantial than the IRN & FEI leaflet)

Analysis of Barclays’ loan to the Karahnjukar dam-project from IRN and Friends of the Earth

Economic analysis of mega projects



Photos from the land that was destroyed by the dams at Kárahnjúkar

Powerpoint show of some of the areas endangered by the aluminium industry


Films – See also the ‘Films & Slideshows’ to the left

Saving Iceland video interview for Undercurrents Large file, be patient!

Beautiful slideshow of the Jokulsa a Bru in all its living wonder, Kárahnjúkar and Töfrafoss in August 2006, just before the inundation. Photos by Christopher Lund. Music by Damien Rice.

Slideshow compiled from Ómar Ragnarsson’s photographs of the flooding of Halslón. Strange choice of soundtrack

Dramatic interpretation of the Trinidadian smelters

Killing Iceland: The Original Movie! (Clay animation)

Jamaica Bauxite Environmental Organization – Excellent video section showing the horrors of the mining of bauxite…



Saving Iceland interview on Radio – Dublin, March 2006

SI interview on Radio – April 2005

SI interview on Blackbox Radio US – May 2005


Governmental documents and reports

Conclusion of the Environmental Impact Assessment of the Kárahnjúkar project – The Icelandic National Planning Agency

Biological Diversity in Iceland – National Report to the Convention on Biological Diversity



Free online Icelandic teacher!

Old Resources

Tólf alhæfingar um beinar aðgerðir leiðréttar – Bæklingur í pdf – Andspyrna útgáfa –

2006 Íslandsvinir Pamphlet – Bæklingur í pdf

Flyer for 2007 Camp and Conference in pdf

2006 Saving Iceland Pamphlet – English

2006 Saving Iceland Pamphlet – Castellano

2006 Saving Iceland Pamphlet – Italiano

2006 Saving Iceland Pamphlet – Dutch

2006 Saving Iceland Poster in A3

2006 Saving Iceland Poster in A4


Saudárfossar falls and Jökla river at Kárahnjúkar – Now destroyed
by Alcoa and Landsvirkjun

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