Feb 03 2006

Icelanders Dissatisfied with Environmental Issues

Iceland Review

Half of the Icelandic population is unhappy with how the government and the public addresses environmental issues according to a new Gallup poll as reported by the Icelandic Broadcasting System, RÚV.

Women are more likely to be dissatisfied than men, and people living in the urban South West are less content with the state of environmental issues than the rural population.

There is also considerable opposition to the proposed dam at Nordlingaalda, the so-called Nordlingaölduveita. It is to serve hydroelectric power production in power stations in Thjórsá. 65% of the population are against the proposed dam; 72% of the university educated population, 70% of women and 60% of males oppose it.

Nordlingaölduveita has met with considerable criticism because of its impact on the wilderness south of the glacier Hofsjökull where many species of birds, including pinkfooted geese, nest in the summer.