Jan 05 2007

ALCOA Offices in London Locked Down

ALCOA locked

On New Years Day activists targeted 2 Alcoa front companies, (Kawneer in central London and ASA in North London.) Both companies had their front access doors locked shut with D-locks and chains, and were left grafitti messages that they should leave Iceland straight away. They are destroying the largest pristine wilderness in Europe right now, as well as trashing other communities and ecosystems all over the world.

3 Jan 2007

This is a clear message to all heavy industries – this year, 2007 will be a year of dissent and revolutionary change. We will no longer hold back, the future of our world and our peoples is at enormous risk and the time to act is now!

No longer will we allow these multinationals to destroy with impunity, hiding behind the anonymity of global capitalism.

These are the first drops of a storm that you have reaped and which will intensify! We will target you everywhere and at any time. You will pay for your dirty dollars with insecurity. We are committed to shut you down!

It is also a message to our movements. We have been warning of having little time left to make change, for too long. That time has run out and the time to act is NOW
We see nothing to celebrate in the passing and starting of another year unless it is to herald a year of monumental, revolutionary change; where a system based on senseless, selfish, greed is destroyed and systems based on respect, responsibility and cooperation are supported to flourish.

we are all ‘the people’
where is everywhere
now is the time




Ooooohhh… what a rotten start of the year…