Sep 30 2007

Stop Iceland’s Persecution of Environmental Activists – London Demo 2 October

A demonstration against Iceland’s persecution of environmental activists will take place in London on Tuesday 2nd October, meeting at Sloane Square (nearest tube: Sloane Square) at 1pm.

Iceland is currently attempting to deport all environmental activists involved with the Saving Iceland campaign, who are fighting against the islands heavy industrialisation. One person in particular, Miriam Rose, a UK citizen, has been handed a notice of deportation which she is appealing against. This is seen as a test case which will pave the way for the arbitrary deportation of activists that were, are or will be involved in fighting for the environment in a country whose President is touring the world right now accepting environmental awards for supposed ‘sustainable green energy’ advances whilst destroying Europe’s last great wilderness.

Having taken part in direct actions against the multinational aluminium industry invasion, dam and geothermal plant destruction of the wilderness, Miriam has been labeled by the Icelandic Immigration Authority a threat to ‘public order and security’ and Iceland’s ‘fundamental societal values’. Also, she is charged with violating her tourist status in the island by supposedly getting paid by SI for every blockade she has been part of: complete nonsense as SI has never paid anyone at all to be part of the campaign. This accusation is the product of an elite whose fetishism of capital has taken over so totally that the thought of acting out of love, care and fury is incomprehensible.

SI has found out that Iceland has already written the same deportation letters to all other international activists arrested as part of the campaign and summer protest camps, and is waiting to see how Miriam’s case pans out before trying to send them out. That the Icelandic authorities are going to these measures does prove that they fear direct action on behalf of the earth against the heavy industry policy, that they fear Saving Iceland.

These measures are a violation of ‘fundamental societal values’ in a supposedly democratic country where freedom of expression and the right to protest are a fundamental part of its constitution and laws.

This Demonstration is intended to bring international pressure and attention onto Miriam’s case, Iceland’s persecution of environmental activists, and Iceland’s destruction of its nature. We call on you to attend or organise manifestations in your local area.

More information about Miriams case can be found here