Oct 01 2007

Kristján Th. Halldórs – Greenwashing community perpetrator

1 October 2007

Alcoa hires a community relations manager for North-Iceland

Kristján Th. Halldórsson, Management Engineer, has been hired to handle community relations for Alcoa in North-Iceland. His primary occupation will be to communicate information about Alcoa and a possible smelter in Bakki by Húsavík to the community in North-Iceland.

Kristján Th. Halldórsson--Alcoa--Húsavik

Kristján, who graduated with a BSc in Computer Technology from the University of Iceland in 1985 and a degree in Management Engineering from Alborg University in 1992, possesses extensive knowledge of the community in North-Iceland.

He was the chairman of a co-operative committee on the merger of seven municipalities in the area and later supervised the merger of four of these. Kristján has been a member of the Öxarfjördur municipality council for the past eight years and has managed various projects for the municipality.

Kristján will handle preparatory work on account of a possible smelter in North-Iceland in continuance of a MOU signed by the government of Iceland, the town of Húsavík, and Alcoa on a feasibility study for a 250,000 tpy smelter in Bakki by Húsavík.

Kristján’s primary occupation is to communicate information about Alcoa and a possible smelter in Húsavík to stakeholders in the Northeast, for instance municipalities, institutions, NGOs and residents. He will also keep Alcoa informed on what is happening in the area which may concern the project in one way or the other.