Jan 16 2008

Possible Locations For Aluminium Smelter In Greenland


The hunt for a location for an aluminium smelter in Greenland continues. The environmental assessment which you can read in the link provided at the bottom of the article below, found on this site shows the devastation which will happen in these areas which will be so called “minimised” by Alcoa. Here is the article:

“A strategic environmental assessment report of energy intensive industry in Greenland has been made public today. With the publication, the Home Rule Government commences a hearing period, which lasts till January 15th next year. The report pinpoints the potential environmental consequences by establishing an aluminum facility in Greenland.

The involved area stretches from north of Sisimiut to south of Nuuk. Preliminary investigations have been carried out since December of 2006.

In connection with the public hearing it is the plan to carry through a number of civic meetings in the involved communities, which are Sisimiut, Maniitsoq and Nuuk, in week 2 and 3 of 2008.

At the spring Parliament meeting this year ‘Review of energy intensive industry in Greenland’ about the potential establishment of an aluminum facility, was received well by the Parliament.

One of the recommendations of the review was that prior to a final decision of an implementation of the project as well as a siting of the aluminum smelter facility, a strategic environmental assessment should be carried out. It is the work of this strategic environmental assessment which is now being sent to public hearing.

The strategic environmental assessment report may be requisitioned from Direktoratet for Milj� og Natur (Department for Environment and Nature) or be downloaded from the internet address www.aluminium.gl/smv

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