Jul 27 2008

Demonstration outside Glencore’s Switzerland Headquarters

On 25 July 2008 a second solidarity action in Switzerland (Baar) took place. This is the letter the Saving Iceland Supporters from Switerland wrote us:

On 25 July 2008 we staged a demonstration outside Glencore’s headquarters in Switzerland to show our solidarity with the Saving Iceland campaign and to point the finger at Glencore’s business practices.

Glencore founded the Century Aluminum Co. in 1995 and remains the majority shareholder to this day. Therefore, Glencore can be held directly responsible both for the destruction and pollution in Iceland and for the human rights violations in Jamaica, Africa and Columbia being perpetrated by Century Aluminum.

Glencore has been repeatedly criticized by human rights organizations in the last half-year, even receiving the Public Eye Swiss Award as the worst company. There have been three demonstrations against human rights violations in Glencore’s coalmines on Columbia. We also demonstrated our solidarity with the Columbian workers.

With speeches and chants, we challenged Glencore to act responsibly and stop the destruction and pollution of Iceland’s unique natural environment.

Saving Iceland Supporters Group Switzerland.

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  1. Ricky Skaggs says:

    Visir reported the solidarity actions today:

  2. Visit http://www.eschenring.ch for more Information about GLENCORE!