Jul 27 2008

Actions at all Icelandic Consulates in Switzerland

For the international action week in solidarity with the activists fighting at the camp in Iceland, some activists of the Swiss S.I. Supporters Group hand delivered a letter to the Icelandic Consuls and Ambassador in Switzerland. It contained an “ecological message for the Icelandic government” which we asked to be forwarded to the ministers for industry, the environment and economic affairs.

We visited the consulates at Rue du Mont-de-Sion 8 in Geneva , Münzgraben 6 in Bern, and Bahnhofstrasse 44 in Zurich, as well as the permanent mission to international organisations in Geneva. Unfortunately, the Ambassador himself, Mr Kristinn F. Árnason, was unavailable as he was attending a meeting of the World Trade organization at the time.

This action was intended to complement the others that took place in Switzerland against ALCOA and GLENCORE (Century Aluminum), because we understand the importance of engagement on various fronts – industry, government and public opinion – if we are to succeed.