Dec 20 2009

Iceland’s Embassy in Copenhagen Attacked: “Green Energy – Pure Lies”

The press release and photos here below appeared on the Danish Indymedia site last Wednesday, December 16th:

Early in the morning of Wednesday the 16th of december the Icelandic embassy in Copenhagen was attacked. A security camera was disabled with spray paint, the Icelandic coat of arms was defaced in the same way, green paint was splashed on the front of the house and on the front door, in large letters, “Green energy – pure lies” and “Nature Killers” was sprayed amongst other thing’s.

The Icelandic government boasts of it’s prowess in the production of “green” energy but there is no such thing as green energy, especially if it is then used for heavy industry. “Green” energy production is just as destructive to our environment as other energy production, the effects are just better hidden. The earth’s ecosystems are suffering because of mankinds actions, this must end.

Copenhagen is covered in propaganda about “green” solution’s and “green” capitalism. But no real change is planned, the solutions are not real solutions, capitalism continues to swallow all life on this earth.

It is clear from the appearance of Copenhagen that green is not the colour of nature, it is the camouflage of capitalism.

Icelander’s beware – your misdeeds will not go unpunished!

This is not for the first time when Iceland’s embassy in Copenhagen is attacked in this way. The 8th of August 2007, the embassy was attacked with paint bombs and the statements ‘Aluminium Industry out of Iceland’ and ‘Nature Killers’ were painted in bright red. A statement that followed that action said:

These actions, in solidarity with the struggle in Iceland, will continue until the government of Iceland ceases its sycophancy to multinational aluminium corporations.