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Mar 11 2012
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Is Aluminium Really a Silent Killer?

On the twenty-fourth anniversary of a disaster which saw a British water-reserve accidentally poisoned with aluminium—eventually killing at least one person—The Telegraph considers how aluminium affects our day-to-day health, now that the metal is used in most household and medical products we consume.

With aluminium known to be such a poisonous metal, a serious investigation into the effects of aluminium production on the health of smelter workers and nearby communities is surely badly needed.

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Jul 04 2010
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“We who also Attacked Parliament…”

A glaring inconsistency in the charges against the Reykjavik Nine is frequently pointed at: the nine were actually part of a group of over thirty, which itself was part of a movement of thousands. Here we publish the translation of a statement signed by over seven-hundred (at time of writing) other participants of the so called ‘Cutlery Uprising’. Their analysis is sharp and their demands clear: drop the charges against the nine accused, or charge us all.

The president of Iceland’s Parliament Ásta Ragnheiður Jóhannesdóttir received this statement by hand on 24 June 2010.

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May 16 2010 is back!

Hello and welcome back to our website.

We know that over the past few months our website has stood on shaky ground. Slowdowns, random temporary down times and finally, the site being down altogether.

Well, we’ve given the site a heaving of loving care and now we’re very happy to put it back online. For good.

As you can see, it’s had a bit of a facelift. But more than that, we now have a few new features too. Try using the search box, for example.

With all techy projects, there are bound to be a few bugs here and there. Let us know about them!

Be sure to keep checking up our site, or subscribe to our rss feeds, because the struggle against the heavy industrialisation of Iceland and the destruction of its wilderness, alas, continues.