Apr 21 2005

Fire & Ice – Benefit

Iceland is under attack and needs international support to stop Corporate Companies destroying their beautiful landscapes. This is under the guise of a “benefit” for the community, but has been opposed since it began. No -one wants this to happen and it can be stopped!

A group of individuals wishing to support this campaign are raising funds to visit Iceland and raise the profile of this campaign thru’ a sponsored firewalk (yes, walking over hot coals!) to take place early June in Scotland.

The cost for the day’s event will be £50

If you are interested in helping to raise cash for this event and are willing to undergo a day’s firewalk and personal growth training contact Lesley (Puffmagic) for more details on dragondynamics2000@yahoo.co.uk or call 07729 168301 (evening).

NB. Individuals are responsible for booking their own flights.