May 08 2005

Some Older Links on SavingIceland.Org

Eyjabakkar and Snaefell 

Mt. Snæfell and Eyjabakkar – Under severe threat by Alcoa and Landsvirkjun


Icelandic or related websites in English:


Groen Front – IJsland

Photos from the land that is being destroyed by the dams at Kárahnjúkar

More photos from Kárahnjúkar

Iceland Under Attack – Maps in English showing the “Intended Master Plan” for the destruction of Iceland / Very useful, but dated in that in a desperate attempt to rescue the glacial rivers it offers the geothermal fields as an alternative source of energy for heavy industry. At the time that the maps were being prepared (in 2004) many Icelandic environmentalists pointed out the folly of such a naive “strategy”. Now that heavy industry has turned its greedy eye on the geothermal areas this sceptisism has been proved right. SI have always been opposed to any use of geothermal energy for heavy industry.

Nature Watch (Natturuvaktin) – Icelandic anti-dams group / Their website is full of information but mainly in Icelandic

Icelandic Society for the Protection of Birds

INCA – Iceland Nature Conservation Association

Icelandic Environment Association

Genetic Modification in Iceland

“The Ark” – Ómar Þ. Ragnarsson – – Day by day monitoring of the destruction of the Kárahnjúkar area – Photo galleries

Bebbe Grillo

Il Progetto Karahnjukar – Paolo Cortini

Friends of Iceland – Co-organisers with Saving Iceland of the international protest camp 2006 (forthcoming in English) Petition against the heavy industry policy

Are Electromagnetic Fields dangerous to your health? – This website’s theme is EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) and possible health hazards for people in connection with these forces. Has interesting links in English. – Environmental conservation and certification – Striving to save the beluga whale.

Stop the Dams!!

Augnablik – Hiking tours through the wilderness now being destroyed by the Karahnjukar dams for ALCOA. Lots of photos.


Anarchism in Iceland –

Reykjavik Grapevine – A Reykjavík listings paper with news in English and a new editor.

Iceland Review – News in English

Sigur Ros

International websites:

Campaigners against ALCOA

Movimento dos Atingidos por Barragens – Brasil or Movement of Dam Affected People – Brasil

NO SMELTER TnT – Campaign against ALCOA in Trinidad and Tobago

Rights Action Group Trinidad and Tobago

Smelta Karavan

Alcoa Sweatshops in Honduras – Alcoa Pits Auto Parts Workers in Mexico Against Its Employees in Honduras. July 2005

CNN / Lou Dobbs Tonight, July 22, 2005 –

Bill Tucker reports on U.S. companies moving auto parts production from the U.S. to Mexico and then to even cheaper labor in Honduars

Mexico – Comité Fronterizo de Obrer@s (CFOï’Border Committee of Women Workers) – Protecting the Rights of Maquiladora Workers

ALCOAï’s High-tech Sweatshop in Mexico – National Labor Committee for Worker and Human Rights (Here you can download the highly illuminating pdf ‘THE STRUGGLE TO CLIMB OUT OF MISERY’)

Western Austalian Forest Alliance – Alcoa Clearing Jarrah Forest for bauxite mining

Community Alliance for Positive Solutions Inc.

Alcoa+resistance+dams search!

Campaigners against RIO TINTO-ALCAN

Alcan’t – The struggle against ALCAN in India

ALCAN CSR Profile 2005 pdf – Can ALCAN claim to be the Best? It’s Corporate and Social Responsibility in Question

Don’t Sell Us Out Coalition

Campaigns against the mining of bauxite (aluminium ore)

Jamaica Bauxite Environmental Organization – Excellent video section showing the horrors of the mining of bauxite…

Mines and Communities

Resistance against dams

Friends of the river Narmada

Ilisu Dam Campaign

Solidarios con Itoiz

Itoiz – The case against the Itoiz dam in the Irati valley

International Rivers Network – Linking Human Rights and Environmental Protection

IRN – Foiling the Aluminum Industry: A Toolkit for Communities, Activists, Consumers and Workers

European Rivers Network

Save the River Ribble, UK, from being dammed to make a luxury watersports park

The Corner House

Various other networks, NGOs, campaigns and independent media


Bilston Glen anti-bypass protest site

BirdLife International

The Camp For Climate Action

Dissent! A network of resistance – Against the G8

Earth First – Direct action for planet and people

Eco-Action – Ecological Direct Action

IndyMedia UK

Power Tools: for policy influence in natural resource management

Peace Not War

Rising Tide – Taking action on the root causes of climate change

Rossport Solidarity Camp, Ireland (camp website)

Shell to Sea, Ireland (Rossport campaign website)


TITNORE WOODS PROTEST CAMP – Save the woods, stop the “development”!

Corporate watchdogs

Citizen Works – Tools For Democracy – Campaign for Corporate Reform

Corporate Critic – Research

Corporate Watch

Corporate Crime Reporter

The Center For Corporate Policy – A non-profit, non-partisan public interest organization working to curb corporate abuses and make corporations publicly accountable.

Corpwatch – Holding Corporations Accountable

Ethical Consumer


Smyril-line – Ferry from Shetland, Denmark and Norway to Seydisfjordur (two hrs. drive to Karahnjukar.) There is a much better deal on offer than they let on on their rather irritating website which includes the trip from Aberdeen to Lerwick, in the Shetland Islands (ï’140). Best bet is to give them a phonecall. UK: Aberdeen office 0845 6000 449 or Kathryn Fullerton – Booking – 01595 690845 or ++298 34 59 00

Iceland Express – Flights from Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Spain and the UK

British Airways have also started flying to Iceland.

Air Iceland – Flights between Reykjavik and Egilsstadir (1.1/2 hrs. drive to Karahnjukar

Iceland Worldwide


Embassy Information

Underestimating Mother Nature May Cost Your Life – Article in Grapevine about the dangers of traveling in the Icelandic highlands without the necessary precautions.


IceBike – Click on ‘Practical info’ (Very useful general info for travellers)

Free online Icelandic teacher!

The National Land Survey of Iceland

Travel info from the Public Roads Administration

The Icelandic Meteorological office

2 Responses to “Some Older Links on SavingIceland.Org”

  1. Skallagrim Walker says:

    One would think progress had been made since the first Norse settlers in Iceland deforested the entire island shortly after their arrival. Allowing the further degradation of that land for the sake of some multinational hardly qualifies as progress. Do Icelanders really need this? Given the number of Icelanders speaking out and acting against this desecration, it’s obvious that they do not. Let wisdom prevail over quarterly results for a change.


  2. Baldvin says:

    we havent even begun fixing what we had destroyed and now we are destroying because we are too lazy to think.all for a quick buck.will this mess go on for several hundred years like the last time or longer even? already the lands is blowing away-this will certanly contribute.definetly not much thought being put into this.tourism is already going down due to whaling and this will definetly take away the clean air clean water image and future generations will pay the price-i actually thought we were smarter than this.
    concerned icelander