Jun 28 2006

Saving Iceland Concert Held in Belgium

Icelandic National Brodacasting Service, RÚV, reports that Icelandic and international opponents of heavy industry projects in Iceland have organized a concert titled “Saving Iceland” in Antwerp, Belgium. Icelandic and international artists performed and an Icelandic documentary was presented.

The benefit event with live Icelandic bands, intended to bring the issue of the dams in Iceland to the public attention was a great success; the event as well as the resulting media attention.

Having been interviewed by three national radio stations and having been published in two national newspapers, the Belgian media has been enthusiastic in bringing the news of building large scale dams in Iceland.

Saturday, 24 June, Antwerp was host to 4 Icelandic live bands: Stylluppsteypa, Berglind Ágústsdottir, Skátar and Cocktail Vomit aka Disco Shrimp. They gave a performance after the documentary World of Solitude with Magnus Magnusson had been shown and people had asked questions. Some 450 people showed up to learn more about the matter or to listen to quite experimental live music. It was a success in every way and many people plan to come to Iceland this summer to join the ‘Family Days’ camp at Snaefell, starting 21th July.