Apr 20 2007

Anti-smelter activist begins vigil outside EMA office

University lecturer and anti-smelter activist Dr. Wayne Kublalsingh
was forcibly removed from the head office of the Environmental
Management Authority this evening (Thursday April 19) .

Dr. Kublalsingh went to the office earlier today, asking whether at
the time of the granting of the CEC to Alutrint, a contract or
agreemernt with the waste disposal company in Arkansas actually
exists. The hazardous waste facility is to be the final destination
for the Spent Pot Lining waste from the Alutrint smelter plant on
Union Industrial Estate.

After being ousted by members of the protective services, Dr.
Kublalsingh began a fast outside the office and has pledged to remain
there on Elizabeth Street in St. Clair, until he receives a
satisfactory response.

The Anti smelter lobby would like to thank those citizens and
international supporters who continue to suppoort our actions for
people centred development and environmental justice and we would like
to urge all concerned citizens to show solidarity for Dr. Kublalsingh.
If you can, please pass by Elizabeth Street and give your support.
If not, please also send your call for clarification on what will be
done with the SPLs.
Environmental Management Authority
8 Elizabeth Street
St. Clair
Port of Spain
Phone – 628 8042
Fax – 628-9122
EMail – ema@ema.co.tt