Jul 04 2007

ALCAN and Mayor decide: To Hell with Democracy in Hafnarfjördur!

Update: ALCAN say the Mayor of Hafnarfjordur suggested the landfill. The Mayor says ALCAN suggested it. One of them must be lying…

Iceland Review
20 June 2007

Smelter expansion on landfill?

Alcan Iceland is looking into possibilities to expand the aluminum smelter in Straumsvík by Hafnarfjördur on a landfill in the inlet by which it stands, after Hafnarfjördur rejected Alcan’s first expansion proposal.

According to Mayor of Hafnarfjördur Lúdvík Geirsson, who met with Alcan’s Icelandic and Canadian executives yesterday, the landfill could possibly be part of a planned harbor reconstruction and other projects by the harbor in Hafnarfjördur.

“It is important for Alcan to continue their operations here,” Geirsson told Morgunbladid, adding the landfill proposal should be looked into. The mayor said he did not believe Alcan would move their operations to another community.

Geirsson said a smelter expansion on a landfill would require new urban planning. “And then it will be up to the town to decide and the inhabitants will make a decision about the continuation, just like this spring.”

Alcan’s executives will meet with Minister of Industry Össur Skarphédinsson today. Alcan has also approached the local authorities in Vogar on Reykjanes peninsula and Thorlákshöfn in south Iceland.

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