Aug 01 2007

So Close! Power Surge Almost Destroys Every Aluminium Factory in Iceland!

7 August 2007

power lines

Today lovers of nature almost danced on the graves of ALCOA, ALCAN, Century and Elkem when a mysterious power “thump” in the national grid managed to knock out power to all their factories!

At around 3pm today a power surge which originated from around the Hvalfjordur region (where Century and Elkem run their aluminium-cancer and alloys factories), created such a surge that all power to the west, north and east of Iceland was brought down, even Reykjavik’s for a split second. Energy was not restored to the heavy industry factories for a number of hours. Unfortunately, whilst we were counting the minutes these factories were offline, we are told that the pots of molten aluminium did not cool down enough to destroy them entirely.

It takes four hours for the pots to harden completely, according to ALCAN, who had this happen to them in the winter of 2006, setting them back around five months work.

How much damage was done to these factories? Is Landsnet (Landsvirkjun’s sub-company) the energy provider, to pay huge fines for this disturbance? They say: “Ehhh… we don’t think so.”

Was this just a technical fault? Or was it the work of Iceland’s hidden people? Elfs letting heavy industry know that their death factories are not just unwanted on this planet… They are also sooo vulnerable…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    … framdi ég, í félagi við nokkra aðra, seið þar sem náttúruvættirnar eru hvattar til að skerast í leikinn. Ég yrði ekki hissa þótt fleiri slys af þessu tagi eigi sér stað næsta árið.

  2. Anonymous says:

    the ancestors and sundry spirits always find a way to show their disgust in the face of gross displays of disrespect.
    stay up!! much love and light from trinidad

  3. Anonymous says:

    In my opinion Icelandic environmentalists have been waisting their time for far too long in some wain hope that the Elves will take care of what they themselves are too cowardly to do or some damned earthquake or eruption that will probably only come when the bastards have got away with destroying the whole of this country and it will be too late.

    We Icelanders just don’t have any guts left. We are placid, self satisfied, our souls are fat.

    In my opinion, and in fact in the opinion of many Icelanders, what needs to be done is what the farmers by Laxá did in the early seventies. Bulldoze the lot and then blow up what remains.

    Lets make a collection for the elves to go on a crash course in engineering.