Sep 29 2007
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Saving Iceland Activists Threatened with Deportation

Saving Iceland
26 September 2007

On Friday 21st September, Saving Iceland activist Miriam Rose was presented with a letter from the Icelandic Directorate of Immigration threatening her with possible expulsion from Iceland. The letter claims that due to her participation in two actions at smelter sites she may be considered a threat to ‘public order and security’ and ‘fundamental societal values’. The letter also claims that Saving Iceland pays activists for being arrested, a claim repeatedly denied and proven to be false.(1)

Miriam has already served 8 days in prison for protesting against the destruction of Icelandic wilderness, for which the UK Green Party Principal Speaker Dr Derek Wall accused the Icelandic government of political harassment and demanded her immediate release.(2) In Radio 1 Icelandic news program Spegillinn yesterday, the police admitted that this was to be the first of many attempted deportations of activists.

Protest Response! Tuesday 2nd October, London Click here for more details.

Miriam is now waiting for a decision by the Directorate of Immigration, having submitted her objection to deportation. ‘I am very shocked that the Icelandic government continue to punish me, after already paying so heavily for my actions and ideals. This seems to be an attempt to scare people from protesting here, and I find such treatment surprising in a supposedly developed democracy like Iceland. I am a peaceful and educated person and have never posed a threat to the police or any other person during my time here. I was intending to settle in Iceland, and have been making moves to learn Icelandic and contribute to this society.’

Saving Iceland issued this declaration on the issue:

” Miriam M. Rose, who now dwells in Iceland, has received a letter from Utlendingastofnun saying that she may be expelled from the country because of her protest actions with Saving Iceland. Because of this, the Saving Iceland movement declares:

Miriam Rose is accused of threatening the ‘fundamental values of society’ by taking part in protest actions. That is absurd.

Miriam is a dedicated humanist and pacifist and hates violence. Her experience in India, where she was dwelling among people made homeless by heavy industry, promoted by Alcan and other companies, influenced her deeply and is one of the reasons for her actions against Alcan in Iceland. Miriam is not a criminal, she is a scientist. She is a graduate in Environmental Science from the University of Sussex and her writings on environmental protection have been published, among others, in the Ecologist.

Miriam is engaged to an Icelander. She is learning the Icelandic language and is good at it, she looks at Iceland as her second home and is especially interested in working on geological projects in Iceland and even furthering her studies in the University of Iceland. It is in her interest to be able to continue to stay in Iceland.

Nothing in her views, her past or her manners makes her a threat to the Icelandic community. The autocratic toughness she has faced here says more about institutional fear of protest than her as a person.

We point out that direct actions, both legal and illegal, have been used in all the biggest rights issues in human history. Workers and womens rights in the west, abolishment of slavery in America, and the fight against apartheid in S-Africa to name just a few. The law of the land is not a divine phenomenon but rules set by human beings, either to ensure public safety or to ensure the powers of a small elite of the rich and the powerful, or big companies.

Miriam has protested against heavy industry in Iceland but in no way has she threatened the ‘fundamental values of society’. If she will be deported it will be because of her opinions but not because the Icelandic community is threatened by her staying here. A large group of people has taken part in similar actions as she has without being deported.

The Icelandic constitution upholds the right to protest and to voice your opinions. If this right keeps being violated when it comes to protesters against the heavy industry policy the Icelandic people better wake up to what it happening to their democracy.

The website of the Directorate of Immigration is

The director’s name is Hildur Dungal:

1.- ‘Rógburður RUV – Serious Slander about S.I. made by the State Broadcaster’ /?p=893

2.- ‘UK Greens Back British Environmental Activist Imprisoned in Iceland’

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