Oct 08 2007

Behind the Shining: Aluminum’s Dark Side


A 16 year old boy from Kucheipadar has written songs about the Utkal

struggle. Here is one of them:

Wind! wind, Oh company wind,

People! flowing in whole of Orissa.

Come fight for our rights, Come, let us struggle.

We are struggling, we are struggling.

Come, we have to release our mother land,

Come my mother and sister, become a unity.

Come forward without fear.

We should not leave our motherland in the hands of the company,

In the hands of the companies.

Come together for struggle.

Don’t watch and keep quiet, my struggling group.

Danger coming toward us, to give us tragedy and sorrow.

Send back this foreign company;

We may die without fearing the company,

Look my friends, to the company and to the government,

Coming toward us to destroy and demolish us.

We don’t need Tata, Hydro, Indal.

We don’t need, we don’t need.

We fight for our land,

We may die, have no fear, come forward.

By liquor the company has tied our mouths,

With created fears, booked cases, and gun point money distributing;

Taking our land illegally,

Land alienation, land alienation.

Hey company and government!

We are aware;

Don’t try anymore to cheat us.

Hear, hear, in our own village we are the government.

In our village we will judge;

Our land, our water cannot be traded,

The earth is ours, the earth is ours.

Come, come mother and sister,

Become unity, roar our united voice.

Send back to Indal, Tata, Hydro.

To save Orissa, save Adivasi and Dalit.

The earth is ours, it is our right.

(Source: “Folk songs against the Utkal project,” NorWatch newsletter No. 4,

Feb. 1998)

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