Nov 22 2007

Iceland’s Special Kyoto Deal Still Not Enough for Industrial Plans


Prime minister Geir H. Harde has revealed his opinion that Iceland should negotiate for another special deal on carbon emmissions in the upcoming 2012 Kyoto agreement renewal. He stated on 7th November that a further extension to the existing (and very generous) special deal was necessary and acceptable for Iceland in view of the small size of the economy, and the importance of not restricting the economic possibilities of the future.

Valgerdur Sverisdottir (previous minister of environment) applauded this statement and agreed that industrial oppurtunities were more important than adhering to this international protocol. In the same debate it was claimed that all ministers of the government agree absolutely that 50-75% of global carbon emissions must be cut by mid century, but claim that this mostly applies to the big economies of America, India and China amongst others, and not to the “renewably” run industries of Iceland.

Left green MP Gudfridur Lilja Gretarsdottir protested against this predictable and ridiculous idea, pointing out that emissions per head in Iceland are already among the highest in Europe. However, a committee has already been appointed to come up with the goals of Iceland’s demands from the Kyoto negotiations, under the usual influence of their heavy industry pals.

It is not surprising that Iceland has exceeded its already excessive carbon deal with the rapid expansion of heavy industry and the planned oil refinery in the Westfjords, which will add heavily to current emissions, as well as being incredibly polluting and environmentally damaging.

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