Nov 06 2007
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Saving Iceland Tour Around Europe, 2007

There will be more dates forthcoming in 2008

Roll up, roll up! Activists from around Europe, come to a social centre near you for a chance to meet some wandering Icelanders who’ll tell you a story about Europe’s last wilderness that will surely make you so angry that you’ll be fighting the aluminium industry alongside them in 2008!

Here are the confirmed listings, keep your eyes peeled for more information.

Berlin, Germany
Tue, November 6, 20:00
Linienstrasse 206, Mitte district

Berlin, Germany
Thu, November 8, 19:00
On the corner of Torstrasse and Christinenstrasse

Poznan, Poland
Fri, November 9, 18:00
Pu?askiego Street 21a

Wroclaw, Poland
Sat, November 10
To be announced

Leipzig, Germany
Sun, November 11, 20:00
Libelle, Libertäres Zentrum
Kolonnadenstr. 1

Dresden, Germany
Tue, November 13, 20:00
AZ Conni

Brno, Czech
Thu, November 15
To be announced

Langental, Swiss (between Basel and Bern)
Sat, November 24
To be announced

Nijmegen, Holland
Sat, December 1
Benefit Concert in de Onderbroek

Gent, Belgium
Mon, December 3
Anarchistich Centrum

Langental, Swiss (between Basel and Bern)
Sat, November 24, 18:00
Lakuz, social center

Luzern, Swiss
Mon, November 26
Place t.b.a.

Also in Swiss
Zurich and Lausanne
Dates and place t.b.a.

Leuven, Belgium
Sun, december 6, 20:00
in De Vaartkom, Vaartkom 3

Gent, Belgium
Mon, December 3, 20:00
Anarchistich Centrum, Sparrestraat 1

Brussel, Belgium
Tue, December 4
Triomflaan 64, Etterbeek

Hasselt, Belgium
Wen, December 5, 20:00
Place t.b.a.

Geel, Belgium
Thu, December 6,
Velopomp, Antwerpsesteenweg 181

Eindhoven, the Nederlands
Mon, December 10, 20:00
Autonoom Centrum Burgers

…more in Holland and Belgium, info later

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