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18 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. Jón Brúnsteð Jóhannesson says:

    I really wish i could find all of you, and serve you the beating of a lifetime….

    You stupid hippies who love nature obviously just want the areas outside of Reykjavík to become waistlands.. Without the aluminum smelter in east iceland the area would have died in a matter of years..

    The construction “Masterplan” as you want to call it.. Is what is really saving Iceland.. NOT you stupid hippies..

    So why dont you all just wander off and get stoned with other hippies. Preferebly on the moon,, or even better mars….

    Maybe you can find something butiful to save there

    Jón B Jóhannesson

  2. Elvis Presley says:

    Wow, Jón! And we thought there could surely be nobody exhibiting even more symptoms of severe brain damage than Friðrik Sophusson. Very impressive.

  3. Jón Brúnsteð Jóhannesson says:

    And your one to say.. You cant even comment with a real name.

    Fuck you “Elvis Presley”

    Fuck you very much.

    Jón B Jóhannesson

  4. Elvis Presley says:

    OK, good luck with the operation.

  5. Darragha says:

    What can I do to help save Iceland?
    I’ve donated a percentage of proceeds from my book sales to reforestation projects and I talk up Iceland whenever I can.
    I’m in the US, but my heart was lost to Iceland somewhere around Olafsvik.
    What can I do?

  6. T. Snorradóttir says:

    What you can do to help us? Just leave us alone!!!!!! We don´t need help! We are all happy to get the aluminium smelters, that gives us work and new options and a better life! If you say Reyðarfjörður was so beautiful before that big thing was build there, of course it´s right that it is ugly, but this ugly thing gave us a better life so I don´t care about it. We got new shops, new swimming-pools, new sport-houses, for these 500 jobs people get in the factory there are two times more jobs (1000) that are coming all around to service these 500 people. 1500 jobs.. hallo? any question? and it´s great that they are building in the north-east now. I have been there 2 years ago and it is nothing going on there. The people there are forgotten and when I was driving through the towns (for example Raufarfell) it was so dead that I thought maybe some sickness was here, all people died and no one knows because there´s no money to do something for these people and no use, they all move to reykjavik.

  7. Mary Shelly says:

    T. S. > Well, what would you say if a corporation would have built a weapons factory in Reydarfjordur? That would provide jobs, but maybe there are other things to also think about? Alcoa is building tanks, missiles and jets with the alu produced there, so it might as well have been a weapons factory.
    And what will happen in 40 years when the contract is done, and the town has become completely dependent on alumininium, ALCOA goes and you will be in a ghost town.

  8. Mary Shelly says:

    Andy > ah, well since I am apparently an utter idiot, maybe you guys who who hang around all day on the internet posting senseless insults, what it is to be caring and intelligent?

  9. savitri d says:

    With all respect there are no outsiders when it comes to issues like these, Iceland does not belong to you nor does it belong to me, these smelters and dams destroy precious natural resources in order to produce weapons and profit from death.
    It is well known that there is an overall labor shortage in Iceland, and that many people come there from Europe to do seasonal work every year–is that not an option for anyone in the east?
    It may be that the Northeast of Iceland is not a viable place for thousands of people to live, it might be a viable place for many hundreds of people to live, as they have for centuries, fishing and trading, but why should it support so many people? In this country similar regions are emptying out, why? because the mining companies have already raped and destroyed them and there are no jobs and there is no possible future for anyone there.
    It would do us all good to have a long term view on this. Iceland’s population was actually shrinking until the industrial fishing started 100 years ago- now there are fewer fish and it requires almost no labor….you can expect a similar trajectory with the aluminum companies..they are not loyal to you.

    if you don’t care about the earth itself than think about your children and their children.

  10. Jaap says:

    Hi Savitri,
    Thanks for your support, hope you are well, lovely to hear from you and great you are following the site!

  11. Pall Jens Reynisson says:

    You should be shamed!!!! Have you people lived there??? I’m from Westfjord and it would be really aprisiated to have some jobs there so I could live there. I understand that people in Sudurnes wants to have jobs more than NOTHING! Go home and mind your own buisness!!

  12. Darragha says:

    >>>>What you can do to help us? Just leave us alone!!!!!!

    Not even my tourist dollars?

    I’ll send Iceland my prayers for an amicable solution that will benefit everyone. Jobs, progress and a safe environment.

  13. Captain Tobias Hume says:

    Is it legal to threaten physical violence in a public forum? Jón Brúnsteð Jóhannesson, kt.141290-2749, Heiðarvegi 23b, 730 Reyðarfjörður should think about it. Or maybe he is immune to prosecution because of mental defects. As his use of his real name clearly demonstrates.
    I must admit, however, that it would be entertaining to see an 18 year old junk food junkie try to administer the beating of a lifetime to wilderness hardened vegan activists! (directions to the camp are on this website, Einstein). But seriously, Jóí, hættú að rúnka þér fyrir framan tölvúnní, quit your job at the nammíbuðinn, hitch-hike “south” and come and Join the kool kids!

  14. Gunnar Örn says:

    I just can’t understand your motives. Sorry, but we have a lot bigger problems here on Iceland right now towering over your views on Mother Nature. I read a comment where you stated you were caring and intelligent. Well, from my viewpoint you are degrading the hard working Icelandic people who are now struggling to keep their jobs. And then you come and try to destroy their possibilities of a safe job and the well-being of their families. That, to me, is neither intelligent nor caring. I’m waiting for a response.

  15. Real Icelander says:

    I for one am against this “Saving Iceland” group, it strikes me as a bunch of spoiled foreigners perverting the discussion about Iceland’s aluminum and dam matters. One gets the suspicion that these people simply got tired of going to the lame bars and clubs that “new and exciting” places had to offer so they started hiking instead and obsessing over nature and other such things and then of course telling their buddies back home all about it but then when that also got tired they decided that they were going to get involved with world politics and extreme environmentalism and to Protest! cause after all that might be looked upon by some as “cool” or “brave” while it’s simply not. Now I’m sure that the people participating in this little “Saving Iceland” movement are all very sweet and nice kids and that’s of course only a good thing and they’re more than welcome by me to come here to Iceland and meet up with each other to enjoy Iceland’s outdoors but they should leave our dam and aluminum matters be cause the only thing that they’re doing is damaging the image of people who would legitimately protest developments in those matters and making their protest less credible.

    P.S I’d really like to see someone try to answer the comments left by Gunnar Örn, doubt anyone will try.

  16. Jörgen Pétur says:

    I would just like to know where ya got those cars from ,, grew them from hemp did ya ,, ?
    if there those poles ya were sitting on that looked like metal,,how the hell did ya get to iceland ,, swimming,, didnt use a plane or a ship ,,, do ya ppl think any of those things would exist if we didnt harvest the natural resources of this planet,, i want to know how you can even think about protesting and be so hypocritcal to use the products that come of it or the services for that fact ,, if your against it so much then hike deep in the amazon im pretty sure ya would be happy there

  17. savitri d says:

    just one example of ALCOA’s labor history, version of which you and your families can look forward to can be found here: http://www.nlcnet.org/article.php?id=404

    also: Alcoa Australia publicly notified 3,000 former and present permanent workers in December that research results from Canada indicated that aluminium smelter workers face an increased risk of lung or bladder cancer

    plus they will rob your country, in the US:
    In 1996 Alcoa enjoyed profits of $399 million and paid nothing. In fact, it collected a rebate of $17.6 million from the Feds–a tax rate of -4.4 percent derived from accounting ploys not available to mere mortals. For the three-year period from 1996 to 1998, Alcoa paid an effective tax rate of only 15.9 percent on $1.7 billion in profits–less than half the statutory rate of 35 percent and right in line with what ordinary working stiffs pay on their incomes.

    In 2007 the CEO of ALCOA made more than 25 million USD, this is a company that said they “could hire two Hondurans for every Mexican.” Thats how they treat their workers.