Jan 14 2011

Statement from Saving Iceland Concerning the Case of Undercover Policeman Mark “Flash/Stone” Kennedy

The Saving Iceland collective is at the moment inundated with requests  from the corporate media for detailed information about the infiltration of our network by police spy Mark Kennedy . We have also been receiving pressure from individuals who have been active with SI to collaborate with journalists.

Saving Iceland would like to make it clear that we are mindful about keeping our vow to respect and protect the privacy of all the great people who have taken part in our struggle against the corporate destruction of Icelandic nature.

By entering into discussions with journalists on matters outside the sphere of the issues of our struggle, such as the private lives of individuals in our network, we would be in serious breach of the trust and solidarity that has been the core of our network.

Below is a statement Saving Iceland released to the Guardian on 13 January 2011. This is the only platform that we are prepared to discuss Mark Kennedy’s time with Saving Iceland.

Regrettably we are not prepared to participate in an interview about the police spy Mark Kennedy. However, we would like to make the following statement:

Yes, Mark Kennedy came to Iceland in the summer of 2005 and took part in actions against ALCOA and the dams at Karahnjukar.

His case is a clear example about how low governments are prepared to stoop to, in this case the British and Icelandic, in their attempts to criminalize people who use their right to protest and who challenge the abuses of power by the State and corporations.

What we find interesting in this context is whether the Icelandic police were made aware by the British authorities of the presence of this British police spy in the Saving Iceland camp and if they received any of the information gathered by him while he was active as an agent.

So far the Icelandic State police have not answered the request of the Icelandic National Broadcasting about whether they communicated with Mark Kennedy and his superiors. Only the local police force in the east, where the dams and ALCOA factory are located, have issued an evasive answer stating that they had not “intervened” with the “protester” Mark Stone during the protests.

It is also interesting whether Mark Kennedy took part in the training of Icelandic police officers when they attended a course with the British police in the winter of 2005-2006 where they received training in how to violate groups such as Saving Iceland.

Clearly the presence of Mark Kennedy in Icelandic jurisdiction, as an active agent of the British police, violated Icelandic and international laws, even if there was an official collaboration between the two authorities in this respect.

In either case the one or both governments are guilty of violating basic human rights of the people they were spying on.

The Saving Iceland Collective.

3 Responses to “Statement from Saving Iceland Concerning the Case of Undercover Policeman Mark “Flash/Stone” Kennedy”

  1. Michael H. says:

    Of course the British were in on it. They’ve learnt well from their masters, the Americans, on how to corrupt democracy and poison the governments and police forces of otherwise good countries (such as Iceland).

    But the green movement is stronger than weak British and American agents. So long as we don’t have nutjobs like Mark Kennedy calling the shots, there is no limit to how far we can go towards saving our planet.

  2. helgipunk says:

    The question about the women he slept with during his infiltration of the environmental groups remains; according to Icelandic law, if he did this on Icelandic soil then he is guilty of rape.
    If such a case occurred during his stay here, I urge those women he violated to report him to the Icelandic police and demand that a international arrest order to be placed on his head so he can be brought here to face a trial.
    The police is obliged to do this, even if he was working for them under cover.

    This can only work in our favour, the police will be shamed, the former minister of justice will be shamed and this will be a huge lesson for the pathetic people who resort to this sort of vile fascistic measures.

    I say to those women, find it in your heart to do the right thing, and I assure you of my full sympathy and respect for your decision in this matter.

  3. john says:

    Big Money is always in a position to influence both governments and the international court. The system is no longer corrupt: rather CORRUPTION IS THE SYSTEM! This is a reality. Our rights of freedom are slowly being digested by the behemoth of greed as are our natural resources. But people need to be educated, reminded, that WE ARE THE TRUE POWER. NOT MONEY.

    A simple psychological profile of any of these CEO/CFO/CIO’S will show a strong sociopathic influence in their ideologies. The governments are just pawns. And to agree with Michael H.’s comment: there is no limit other than what we place on ourselves. One cannot be heard if one doesn’t call out.