Mar 01 2011

Local Resistance to Dams in Lower Thjorsa Solidarity Meeting

Sól a Suðurlandi, the local grass roots resistance group to the projected dams in Lower Thjorsa (Þjórsá) river, call a solidarity meeting tomorrow, March 2, in Reykjavik. The meeting will focus on demands that the three projected dams be stopped and that reconciliation be reached in communities that have been split for many years because of the plans for the dams.

Together with speakers from Sól á Suðurlandi commedians Saga Garðarsdóttir and Ugla Egilsdotttir will perform and finally there will be live music from Mukkalo.

The event will take place on the upper floor of café Glætan,  19 Laugavegi, 17.00 hrs., Wednesday March 2.