May 25 2011

More Flouride in Animals Around Aluminium Factories than Elsewhere – Environmental Agency Refuses to Investigate

For the last two years, a horse-farmer close to the Norðurál/Century aluminium smelter in Grundartangi, Hvalfjörður, has tried to get supervisory bodies to investigate mysterious sickness, which her horses suffer from. According to recent studies, a great amount of fluoride has been found in the bones of horses close to Grundartangi, much more than in horses in the north of Iceland. In an interview with RÚV (Iceland’s state-owned TV station) last week, the farmer, Ragnheiður Þorgrímsdóttir, said that since June 2007, one horse after another has become sick; their movements are stiff and their hoofs seem to grow unnaturally.

In April 2009, Þorgrímsdóttir requested an official investigation into this sickness but when interviewed by RÚV, she had yet not had any answers, nor has the local municipality shown interest in the case. Þorgrímsdóttir is sure that the sickness can be traced to the heavy industry in Hvalfjörður, where in addition to Norðurál’s aluminium smelter there is an Elkem iron-blending factory just beside the smelter.

Only one day after the above-mentioned interview, Iceland’s Environmental Agency announced that they had no intention to research the reasons for the sickness in horses around the heavy-industry zone in Hvalfjörður. The agency argues that after reading through reports and other documents concerning pollution-inspection in Grundartangi, it is clear that fluoride pollution from Norðurál’s smelter has been within the allowed boundaries.

At the same time, measurements from 2010 show that the amount of fluoride in sheep in Hvalfjörður is considerably above guideline limits. According to the measurements’ results, the origin of fluoride is mostly from the aluminium smelter in Grundartangi, manifested in an increased amount of fluoride since production started in the smelter.

Shortly after the news about the fluoride and the horse-farmer, RÚV reported in their evening news that a silicon metal blending company has applied for land beside the smelter and iron blending factory in Grundartangi. The planned factory is to rival the Elkem iron blending factory in size.

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2 Responses to “More Flouride in Animals Around Aluminium Factories than Elsewhere – Environmental Agency Refuses to Investigate”

  1. Cathy Justus says:

    I have such empathy for this horse owner and her horses. We lost 8 horses and 4 dogs to “chronic fluoride poisoning” from their consumption of artificially fluoridated municipal water. Our town was fluoridated for 20 years until we got scientific proof from Dr. Lennart Krook, PhD, DVM from Cornell University that fluoride accumlation was the cause of our animals many and varied ailments. You can see the first necropsy and tooth report at . You can read the editorial and two peer reviewed scientific published manuscripts published in the the Journal FLUORIDE The Quarterly Journal of the International Society For Fluoride Research at: , 3913-10.pdf , and There is a short documentary on our horse/fluoride poisoning story at and our story in my words can be read at: As Dr. Krook said, horses are like the canaries in the mines. What is showing up in them is manifesting in all other mammals, including humans, just at a slower rate because horses drink so much more water and, in the case of these horses, eat so much more contaminated food too, in a much shorter time frame. Fluoride is a toxic cumulative poison that accumulates in the bones. What you are seeing in these animals is, no doubt, going to start to be seen in humans too.

  2. Dr. Julie K. Bjornson says:

    Please continue your fight.

    I have been challenging the fluoride issue in Martin County Florida and help stop water fluoridation with a handful of committed people.

    Before the aluminum plant was built in Iceland I tried to send information to Iceland. It will ruin animals, the land, food supply and human health and water supplies.

    Aluminum causes blood clotting at certain levels. When aluminum is put in vaccinations it have been found to cause ischemic strokes in children(and adults).When the brain is affected learning problems increase in children. This is particularly seen in brainstem complications that affect eye tracking while reading, which reduces the learning capacity and comprehesion of the brain.

    Graduate level functional neurology brain-based research is restoring children’s functional abilities and the ability to learn from reading without drugs or surgery.

    Fluoride is in formulas, food, medicines, etc.

    Please protect your children from fluoride and aluminum.

    Dr. Julie K. Bjornson