Century Aluminum Helguvík Blockade, 19-07-2008

To read more about this action and see some background info, read the press release.

5 Responses to “Century Aluminum Helguvík Blockade, 19-07-2008”

  1. savitri d says:

    down with heavy industry! long live the earth! thank you saving iceland!

  2. SS says:

    Most people in that region suport Aluminum in Helguvík so why don´t you try to change that rather then go to a battle that you know is lost. Most people think that you are all doin that just for attention not for the benefit of the earth, dressing up in clowncostums and scream is not helping the cause.

  3. Willem says:

    Much sympathy for does that try to attent people round the world, economcy seams the only reason for disturbing the earth and that argument seams very poor to me.
    Regards for those young people.

  4. Jaap Krater says:

    SS> maybe you should have a look at the story about the action and the stuff that Century’s doing in Jamaica etc, https://www.savingiceland.org/?p=2136
    then you can judge better whether saving iceland ‘just wants attention’ or actually has something to say…

  5. Getting the attention of the world IS important. The photos of this action are published on the web for all to see. So the actions of these young people have impact far beyond that moment!