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May 24 2009

Summer Mobilisation Call-Out!

A Century Of Warcrimes Is Not SustainableJoin us from 18th July to resist the industrialisation of Europe’s last remaining great wilderness and take direct action against heavy industry!

The Struggle So Far

The campaign to defend Europe’s greatest remaining wilderness continues. For the past four years direct action camps in Iceland during the summer have targeted aluminium smelters, mega-dams and geothermal power plants.

After the terrible destruction caused at Kárahnjúkar and Hengill, it is time to crush the ‘master plan’ that would have seen every single major glacial river dammed, every substantial geothermal field exploited and the construction of aluminium smelters, oil refineries and silicon factories, as well as a significant increase in Iceland’s greenhouse gas emissions.

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May 24 2009

Action Camp!

This summer Saving Iceland will be converging in Iceland from the 18th July – join us to take action against heavy industry!

Keep watching this space for updates and info point locations and write to us on savingiceland [at] to let us know you’re coming!

How to get to Iceland:

The financial crisis has taken its toll on ferry routes in the North Sea, so this summer the only ferry from mainland Europe to Iceland goes from Hanstholm in Denmark to Seyðisfjørður in Eastern Iceland. Go to for ferry time tables and prices.

From the UK, Iceland Air and British Airways fly from Glasgow and Gatwick to Reykjavik.

What to bring:

Come prepared to live inside a convergence space and to camp. And please remember that even in the summer weather conditions can be harsh in Iceland – good camping gear is essential if you want to stay warm and dry.