The Nature Killers

evidence of ALCOA military involvement

“Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, since it is the marriage of government and corporate power.”
Benito Mussolini, 1932.


(click HERE for the Saving Iceland European Target Brochure, and HERE for the 2008 Updates to the brochure)

ALCOA – Major arms manufacturers – Convicted up to 50 times in recent years for crimes against the environment

ALCOA worldwide

The Bacofoil Bandits – ALCOA directors

Campaigners against ALCOA

Movimento dos Atingidos por Barragens – Brasil or Movement of Dam Affected People – Brasil

Rights Action Group Trinidad and Tobago

Alcoa Sweatshops in Honduras – Alcoa Pits Auto Parts Workers in Mexico Against Its Employees in Honduras. July 2005

CNN / Lou Dobbs Tonight, July 22, 2005 –
Bill Tucker reports on U.S. companies moving auto parts production from the U.S. to Mexico and then to even cheaper labor in Honduars

Mexico – Comité Fronterizo de Obrer@s (CFOï’Border Committee of Women Workers) – Protecting the Rights of Maquiladora Workers

ALCOAï’s High-tech Sweatshop in Mexico – National Labor Committee for Worker and Human Rights (Here you can download the highly illuminating pdf ‘THE STRUGGLE TO CLIMB OUT OF MISERY’)

Western Austalian Forest Alliance – Alcoa Clearing Jarrah Forest for bauxite mining

Community Alliance for Positive Solutions Inc.

Alcoa+resistance+dams search!

You can make your anger felt at Icelandic diplomatic missions worldwide – Click here for a list of Icelandic embassies

National Power Company of Iceland– Landsvirkjun – Dedicated enemies of Icelandic nature

Kárahnjúkar dam website (Wayback Machine) – Landsvirkjun

NEW Landsvirkjun website for the destruction of Thjórsá river

Landsnet / Icegrid Sister company of Landsvirkjun in charge of the electric power distribution in Iceland

Athygli – PR company for Landsvirkjun – State sponsored slander website – removed in 2004 by Athygli when it was campaigned against by NatureWatch!!!

Reykjavik Energy (Orkuveita Reykjavikur) – Second only to Landsvirkjun as dedicated Icelandic enemies of nature. They should be providing fair priced energy for the people they are meant to serve but not for shady foreign corporations.

Hitaveita Suðurnesja – Want to provide squeaky “green” geothermal energy for the new Century smelter in Helguvik, the ALCAN extension or…ehhrrmm… just about any highly polluting heavy industry…

Orkustofnun – Icelandic National Energy Authority

Invest in Iceland – Pimps of Icelandic nature

Altech – Yet another nest of Iceland fat cat technocrats deeply involved in the aluminium feeding frenzy. Getting very possessive about Þorlákshöfn where they want to build a “greenfield” greenhouse… ehhhrrmmm… actually, an aluminum smelter.

Íslenska Járnblendifélagið / Icelandic AlloysA highly polluting factory situated at Grundartangi, Hvalfjörður beside the Century smelter (Nordurál). Owned 100% by Elkem ASA

Elkem ASA, Norway
Hoffsveien 65 B, N-0377 Oslo
P.O. Box 5211 Majorstuen, N-0303 Oslo
Phone: +47 2245 0100
Fax: +47 2245 0155

Century Aluminum

Norðurál (Century)

United Company RUSAL


Glencore International AG

Campaigners against Century in Iceland

SÓL Á SUÐURNESJUM – Við erum þverpólitísk samtök sem bera nafnið Sól á Suðurnesjum. Markmið okkar eru að: – varðveita náttúrufar og landslagsheildir Reykjanesskagans – opna umræðu meðal almennings á Suðurnesjum um áhrif álvers á umhverfi og samfélag – knýja fram kosningar um álver í Helguvík – Resistance against the Century Aluminum smelter in Helguvik on the Reykjanes peninsula

Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto-ALCAN

Rio Tinto-ALCAN Isal – Pechiney – Langisjor, one of Europe’s most beautiful lakes, is to be sacrificed for the expansion of Rio Tinto-ALCAN in Iceland. Thjorsa river and the Ramsar listed wetlands Thjorsarver are also on their hit list.


Campaigners against RIO TINTO-ALCAN

Photos from everyday life and resistance in Kashipur

Alcan’t – Early struggle against ALCAN in India

ALCAN CSR Profile 2005 pdf – Can ALCAN claim to be the Best? It’s Corporate and Social Responsibility in Question

Don’t Sell Us Out Coalition

SÓL Í STRAUMI – Þverpólitískur hópur áhugafólks um stækkunarmálið í Straumsvík – Resistance of the people of Hafnarfjörður to the expansion of the ALCAN factory in Straumsvík /

ALCAN Dagbókin – Blogg stofnað til þess að fólk geti lesið á opinberum vettfangi við hvað er átt þegar starfsmönnum er sagt upp hjá Álverinu í Straumsvík. – ALCAN Diary – Blogspace of sacked Icelandic workers


Ilisu Dam Campaign, ‘Company Profile: Impregilo’,

Bechtel – The Iraq warprofiteers who are building the ALCOA factory. Specialize in building unsafe nuclear reactors.

Mott McDonald – Much loathed contractors at Karahnjukar

Barclays Bank – Funders in breach of the Equator Principles

Catterpillar – Involved wherever there is repression or destruction of nature

HRV Engineering
A merging of Prime Killers of Icelandic nature. Where ever there are plans for heavy inustry this nest of technocrats are bound to be involved.

Hönnun have merged into HRV. Heavily involved with ALCOA and Bechtel. Beware: A particularly volatile and physically violent office boss at their branch in Reyðarfjördur.

R&D Carbon Ltd. (Kapla hf.)
Armed with a planning permission these fat cats are still licking their lips at the prospects of erecting a highly polluting (oil driven) anode rod plant at Katanes, Hvalfjordur, servicing all the present and planned smelters in the south west. A potential environmental disaster in waiting.

Hydro (Norsk Hydro)
Bjarne Reinholdt
Norður-Atlantshafsskrifstofu Hydro á Íslandi.
Smiðshöfði 1, Reykjavík



A supposedly “full” list of the main consultants and contractors on the Kárahnjúkar project:



Kárahnjúkar Engineering JV
– VST (Iceland)
– Rafteikning (Iceland)
– Almenna verkfræðistofan (Iceland)

– Electrowatt (Switzerland)
– Harza (USA)


– Mott McDonald (England)
– Línuhönnun (Iceland)

– Hnit (Iceland)
– Fjarhitun (Iceland)
– Sweco (Sweden)
– Norconsult (Norway)
– Coyne et Bellier (France)


Kárahnjúkar Supervision JV
– Lahmeyer International (Germany)
– Hönnun (Iceland)
– Almenna verkfræðistofan (Iceland)
– VSÓ Ráðgjöf (Iceland)
– Rafhönnun (Iceland)


Kárahnúkar Dam and Headrace Tunnels:
– Impregilo (Italy)

Saddle Dams at Kárahnjúkar:
– Suðurverk (Iceland)

Power Station civil and tunnels:

– Fosskraft
– Hochtief (Germany)
– Pihl & Sön (Denmark)
– Ístak (Iceland)
– Íslenskir aðalverktakar (Iceland)

Electromechanical Equipment:
– Va-Tech Escher Wyss (Germany and Austria)

Steel Linings:
– DSD Stahlbau (Germany)


Iceland killers ï’ a brief run down of the corporations involved in the dam:
April 4th, 2005

Barclays Bank
Already fund the notorious Narmada dam project in India ï’ and have played a ‘key role’ in financing the dam by arranging a $400 million loan to Landsvirkjun, the Icelandic power company that will run the dam.



Dodgy Italian construction conglomerate, in charge of building most of the dam . One of Impregilo’s consultants has already been found guilty in 2003 of offering bribes to a Lesotho hydro-electric firm, and the company itself will face another hearing before the Lesotho courts in April 2005. Impregilo were also involved in building the Argentina’s Yacyreta dam, which went almost $10 million over budget and was labeled byPresident Carlos Menem ‘a monument to corruption’ . Impregilo were also one of the firms planning to build the infamous Ilisu dam.

Invest In Iceland
Part of the Icelandic Ministry of Industry and Commerce. Promotes investment in Iceland, and seem to be one of the quasi-governmental agencies that has been pushing for the hydro dam.

National Power Company of Iceland (Landsvirkjun)
This is the company that will run the Karahnjukar dam. Initially set up to explore hyro-electric power opportunities, Landsvirkjun now supplies electricity to the whole of Iceland. Owned jointly by theIcelandic State (50%) and the two biggest towns Reykjav í k (45%) and Akureyri (5%). Landsvirkjun also take part in greenwash operations with Alcoa, such as ‘The Alcoa/Landsvirkjun Sustainability Group’, which co-oprdinates projects such as spreading hay to stop soil erosion ï’ which won’t, however, stop the massive erosion caused by the dryung out of dammed river beds. More on greenwash in the Alcoa section. You can track the progress on the dam, day by day, on this part of their website:

The US company that will run the aluminium smelter. Alcoa is the world’s largest producer of aluminium, serves the most industries as well as producing ‘bacofoil’. It is very influential in US as well as Icelandic poltics: Ethical Consumer described Alcoa’s operations as ‘a near textbook example of how to win friends in high places’, counting the US Treasury Secretary, Paul O ï’ Neill, as one of its former CEOs. While a major polluter, Alcoa undertakes greenwashing exercises such as the ‘Alcoa forest’ project, which claims to plant ‘ten million trees’. However, in Western Australia Alcoa have simply planted trees on top of the blasted and mined remains of former forest land; the new growth cannot compensate for the loss old eco-system, resulting in substantial erosion of topsoil.

Mott McDonald
The civil engineering company that designed the Newbury Bypass and the destruction of Twyford Down. Mott McDonald have also designed power stations for Indonesian dictator Suharto and airstrips in Iraq under Saddam, and was also involved in the Baku-Ceyhan pipeline.


The company that will build the Alcoa aluminium smelter , ‘along with its partner, Icelandic engineering consortium HRV (Honnun, Rafhonnun, VST), with support from K-Home Engineering’. Bechtel is already known as a war profiteer, having been given a $680 million grant to ‘reconstruct’ Iraqi infrastricture, and was also involved in (unsuccessfully) privatising the water supply in Bolivia and building nuclear power stations. A fuller list can be found at

Corporate Watch news, December 8th 2004, ‘BOYCOTT BARCLAYS – HERE’S WHY’,

‘EXPOSING THE EQUATOR PRINCIPLES’, briefing by International Rivers Network and Friends of the Earth January 2004,

The Guardian, November 29, 2003,’Power driven ‘, Susan De Muth,

IndependentOnline (South Africa) November 14/2004, ‘Italian firms in Lesotho dam corruption case’, Estelle Ellis,

The Corner House, ‘The Lesotho Highland Water Development Project – What Went Wrong?’, Nicholas Hildyard, 10 th July, 2002,

Ilisu Dam Campaign, ‘Company Profile: Impregilo’,

‘Energy Resources’,

Landsvirkjun home page: ‘Role and Ownership ‘,

‘The Alcoa/Landsvirkjun Sustainability Group’,

Alcoa website, ‘Fjarðaál: setting a new standard in aluminum production’,

EthicalConsumer , September/October 2002, ‘bacofoil bandits’,

Western Australia Forest Alliance, ‘Alcoa Forest Destruction’, (includes pictures)

Earth First Action Update, Spring 1998,

Bectel home page, ‘March 2004 Milestones’,

‘Alcoa taps Bechtel, HRV, to build Iceland smelter’, Reuters via Climate Ark, June 9, 2003

CorpWatch, ‘Bechtel: Profiting from Destruction’, June 5th, 2003,


ALCOA IN EUROPE (from their own website


Alcoa first established a presence in Belgium in 1992, and today we operate three businesses that serve the aerospace, automotive, commercial transportation and industrial markets in Belgium and throughout Europe. Alcoa International Service Center (AISC) offers value-added logistic and production services for a wide range of Alcoa aerospace products, including plate, sheet, extrusions, rods, tubes and coils. Alcoa Wheel Products Europe is the European headquarters for Alcoa’s forged aluminum wheels for heavy-duty commercial vehicles like trucks and buses. In addition, Alcoa Fujikura Belgium’s customer service center supplies cable looms and production and engineering services to leading automotive customers.

Bruxelles Logistics
AFL Automotive – Bld de la II Armée Britannique 101
Bruxelles 3B-1190


Paal Aerospace Components
Alcoa AISC — Paal Rijsseltraat 90
Paal, BE 3583

phone: + 32 (0) 11430411

Paal Other*

Alcoa Wheel Products Europe – Industrieweg 135
B-3583 Paal

Czech Republic:

Providing the automotive market with innovative products, Alcoa Fujikura Ltd (AFL) is Alcoa’s major presence in the Czech Republic. From a production facility in Stribro, AFL manufacturers wiring harness systems for automotive customers throughout Europe. By combining this local presence with Alcoa’s global resources, we provide customers with leading-edge technology, expertise and integrated solutions for a wide range of products.


Alcoa, the world’s leading aluminum producer, provides innovative solutions for customers throughout Denmark. We are active in every important facet of the European aluminum industry, from refining and smelting to fabricating, recycling and other related businesses. Our extensive European network of production and commercial facilities combined with our global resources provides customers with leading-edge technology, expertise and integrated solutions for a wide range of products.


Alcoa first established a production presence in Germany in 1971 and today has 10 facilities located throughout the country that produce innovative products for Germany’s major markets. These facilities produce closures, packaging machinery, automotive components, alumina, electrical distribution and cable systems, aluminium ingot and more for customers. One of our German facilities also manufactures sub-assemblies for the first all-aluminum spaceframe carï’the Audi A8.

Distribution/Logistics Alcoa Fastening Systems —
Aerospace Products
Robert-Bosch Str. 4
86551 Aichach

Bad Friedrichshall

Customer tailored final assembly AFL Automotive –
Schultheiï’-Seeber-Str. 1.4
74117 Bad Friedrichshall

phone: 497132313845

Sales, Prototype Shop, Development site AFL Automotive –
Keltenstrasse 3a
D-85095 Denkendorf/Ingolstadt


Development site, Electronics production, Head office in Europe AFL Automotive –
Benzstrasse 2
72636 Frickenhausen

phone: 497022940700

Auto Components, Electrical Products

AFL Stribel Production
Benzstrasse 2
72636 Frickenhausen

phone: 4970229400

Sales Alcoa Fastening Systems –
Hein-Sass Weg 36
D21129 Hamburg


Hannover Aerospace Components, Extrusions/Tube
Alcoa Extrusions Hannover GmbH & Co.
Gottinger Chaussee 12-14
P.O. Box 911369
30453 Hannover

phone: +49 511 420 750

Hildesheim-Bavenstedt Bolts, Pins, Recess Fasteners Alcoa Fastening Systems —
Aerospace Products
Hildesheim Operations
Steven 3

Building Products

Alcoa Architektur Systeme

Inserts, Panel Fasteners, Latching Mechanisms Alcoa Fastening Systems —
Aerospace Products
Kelkheim Operations
Industriestarsse 6


Automotive Castings, Extrusions/Tube Alcoa Automotive GmbH –
Overweg 24
59494 Soest

phone: ++ 49 (0)2921 970-0
Fax: ++ 49 (0)2921 970-499


Development site AFL Automotive –
Heinenkamp 11A
D-38444 Wolfsburg

Closures/Machinery, Other* Alcoa CSI –
Mainzer Strasse 185
Worms 67547

phone: 49624140010


Alcoa currently has 14 production centers scattered across various communities in Spain. ALCOA are the main aluminum manufacturer in Spain, the sole producer of aluminum oxide and primary aluminum and the main manufacturer of rolled products made from this material.

Alicante Sheet/Plate, Bright Products, Closure Sheet, Lithographic Coil, Foil Products
Alcoa Transformación de Productos SL –
Avenida de Elche, 109
Alicante 03008

Amorebieta (vizcaya) Sheet/Plate
Alcoa Transformación de Productos SL –
Crta. San Sebastian-Bilbao
Km 89,7
Amorebieta (vizcaya)

Arteixo (La Coruna) Extrusions/Tube
Perfiles de Aluminio, S.A. –

Poligono Industrial de Sabon
Arteixo (La Coruna) 15142

Aviles (Asturias) Primary Aluminum
Alcoa Inespal S.A. –
Plo. Ind. de San Balandran 33400 Aviles (Asturias)

phone: 34985540111

Barcelona Headquarters — Alcoa CSI Europe
Business Center ZAL
Avenida Port D’Europa 100, 2nd floor
08040 Barcelona

phone: 34-93-5525740

Barcelona Food Packaging
Reynolds Food Packaging –

Iberica SL
Calle Paris No. 101 2-2
08029 Barcelona

phone: 34933637010

Irurtzun (Navarra) Extrusions/Tube
Alcoa Extrusión Navarra S.L. –
Calle Aralar 9

Irurtzun (Navarra) 31860

phone: 34948507100

La Coruna Primary Aluminum, Wire/Rod/Bar
Alcoa Inespal S.A. –
Pol. Ind. De la Grela
15008 La Coruna

phone: 34981281133

La Selva del Camp (Tarragona) Extrusions/Tube
Extrusion de Aluminio S.A. –
Zona Industrial Milenium
Auda. del Aluminio, s/n
La Selva del Camp (Tarragona) 43470


Paseo de la Castellana, 95
8a planta
28046 Madrid

phone: 34 914068200

Noblejas (Toledo) Extrusions/Tube
Alcoa Transformacion de Productos, S.L. –
At A Glance

Ctra. Toledo – Cuenca KM 55, 5
Noblejas (Toledo)

Rubi – Barcelona Flexible Packaging
Alcoa Embalaje Flexible S.A. –
Calle Verdi 20
Poligono Jardi Industrial Can
8191 Rubi – Barcelona


phone: 34935862777/5887127

Sabiï’ánigo (Huesca) Sheet/Plate, Foil Products
Alcoa Transformación de Productos SL –
Avda. de Huesca, 25
Sabinanigo (Huesca) 22600

San Ciprian (Lugo) Primary Aluminum, Alumina Chemicals, Alumina

Aluminio/Aluminia Espanol, S.A.
San Ciprián (Lugo), 27890

San Cugat Sesgarrigues Administration
Alcoa CSI –
Apartado de Correos 150
08720 Vilafranca del Penedes

Ctra. Nacional 340 KM 1218
08798 San Cugat Sesgarrigues Barcelona

phone: 34938916200

San Cugat Sesgarrigues Closures/Machinery
Alcoa CSI –
Apartado de Correos 150
08720 Vilafranca del Penedes


Ctra. Nacional 340 KM 1218
08798 San Cugat Sesgarrigues Barcelona

phone: 34938916200


From an initial presence in France more than two decades ago, Alcoa now has facilities and offices in six cities to serve French customers in the aerospace, alumina and chemicals, commercial transportation, building and construction and industrial markets. These facilities produce technologically advanced products that include aluminum sheet and plate, aluminum architectural products and systems, fasteners and fastener installation systems, structural castings, turbine engine components and aircraft frame components.

Castelsarrasin Bright Products

294, Chemin de lavalette, 82100 Castelsarrasin, France phone:

Cergy-Pontoise AFS Aerospace Headquarters
Alcoa Fastening Systems — Aerospace Products
Headquarters – Europe, 15, rue du Petit Albi, 95807 Cergy-Pontoise

Dives-sur-mer Castings/Forgings, Aerospace Components (MILITARY)
Howmet Castings – Z.A.C. des Grands Pres, 14160 Dives-sur-mer, phone: 33

2 31 28 29 30

Evron Cedex Castings/Forgings, Aerospace Components
Howmet CIRAL s.n.c. – Zone de la Presaie, Boite Postale 023053602 Evron
phone: 33 2 43 66 61 61

Gennevilliers Aerospace Components, Castings/Forgings
Howmet Castings (MILITARY)- 68 A 78 Rue du Moulin de Cage, 92230 Gennevilliers
phone: 33140853600

Lezat-sur-Leze Building Products
Kawneer France SA – Lezat _ info on

Marignier Bushings, Fluid Products, Special Parts
Alcoa Fastening Systems —
Aerospace Products, Vougy Operations, 646, avenue de l’Industrie, Zone
Industrielle des Pres, Paris Sud, 74970 Marignier

Merxheim Building Products

Alcoa Architectural Products S.A.S. info on

Montbrison Cedex Nuts, Bushings, Fluid Products,
Specialty Products
Alcoa Fastening Systems —
Aerospace Products, Montbrison Operations, BP 84, 42602 Montbrison Cedex

Saint-Cosme-en-Vairais Machined Parts, Nuts
Alcoa Fastening Systems —

Aerospace Products, Saint Cosme Operations, 9, rue des Cressonnieres,
72110 Saint-Cosme-en-Vairais

Toulouse Bolts, Screws, Specialty Products
Alcoa Fastening Systems —
Aerospace Products, Toulouse Operations, Boulevard du Grand Castaing,
Roques-sur-Garonne, 31128 portet sur Garonne, Toulouse

Us Lockbolt Pins, Threaded Fasteners
Alcoa Fastening Systems —

Aerospace Products, Us Operations, BP 4, Clos d’Asseville, 95450 Us parVigny

Vendargues Building Products
Kawneer France SA – Vendargues _ more info on


Alcoa has been in Italy for almost 35 years. With the 1996 acquisition of Alumix, we have ten operating locations in Northern and Central Italy, plus Sardinia. This extensive network ensures that Italian markets primarily get goods manufactured in Italy. If required, products from the worldwide Alcoa production system are also quickly available.

Alcoa employs over 2,500 people in Italy.


Alcoa has been active in the Netherlands since 1967. Alcoa’s joint venture with Elkem and Lips, begun in 1968, is now Alcoa Nederland B.V., an aluminium business that became 100% owned by Alcoa in 1989.

With manufacturing facilities in Raamsdonksveer, Drunen, Harderwijk and Kerkrade, Alcoa provides innovative products and solutions to customers in the aluminium ingot, automotive, commercial transportation, building and construction, packaging and industrial markets. Our products produced in The Netherlands include extrusions, architectural systems, building products, packging, ingot and end products like greenhouse systems, light poles and flagpoles.

Drunen Extrusions/Tube, Auto Components, Building Products
Alcoa Nederland B.V.
Alcoalaan 1, 5151 RW
P.O. Box 21, 5150 BA
The Netherlands

phone: + 31 (0) 416 38 6100

Harderwijk Building Products
Alcoa Architectuursystemen — Harderwijk

Harderwijk Auto Components, Extrusions/Tube, Building Products
Alcoa Nederland B.V.
Industrieweg 15, 3846 BB
P.O. Box 30, 3840 AA

The Netherlands

Kerkrade Other*, Can Reclamation, Billet remelt
Alcoa Nederland B.V.
Minervastraat 1, 6468 ET
P.O. Box 3070, 6460 HB
The Netherlands

phone: + 31 (0) 455 67 9000


Alcoa established a presence in Norway through a 1962 partnership with Elkem ASA to form Elkem Aluminium ANS. Today, Elkem Aluminium ANS is Norway’s second largest producer of primary aluminum, operating smelters in Mosjï’en and Lista to serve the European aluminum ingot market. Alcoa Automotive Castings, established in 1995 in Lista, produces wheel suspension components for leading European automakers. By combining this local presence with Alcoa’s global resources, we provide customers with leading-edge technology, expertise and integrated solutions for a wide range of products.


Providing the automotive market with innovative products, Alcoa Fujikura Portugal (AFP) is Alcoa’s major presence in this country. From a production facility in Aldeia de Paio Pires close to Lisbon, AFP manufactures wiring harness systems for automotive customer VW-AutoEuropa, also located in Portugal. By combining this local presence with Alcoa’s global resources, we provide customers with leading-edge technology, expertise and integrated solutions for a wide range of products.


For more than four decades, Alcoa has had a continuous presence in Switzerland. The Geneva Lake area is home to Alcoa Europe, which oversees our four main aluminum businesses in Europeï’Primary Metals, Extrusions and End Products, Flat Rolled Products and Building and Construction Systems. These businesses provide customers with leading-edge technology and products for the aerospace, commercial transportation, building and construction and industrial markets. They are backed up with a sales and administrative office that provides resources to Alcoa businesses throughout Europe.


Alcoa’s first presence in the United Kingdom was in the late 1950s with a rolling and extrusion mill in Swansea, Wales. Today, we have more than 22 locations throughout England, Wales and Ireland that serve the needs of Europe’s aerospace, aluminum ingot, commercial transportation, industrial and packaging and consumer goods markets. Our products range from flat rolled sheet for the beverage industry to super alloys and advanced components for aerospace and gas turbine engines. One of our more recognizable U.K. businesses is Baco Consumer Products, a leading supplier of household wraps.

Raans Road
Amersham HP6 6JY
United Kingdom
phone: 441494656871

Southam Road
Banbury, Oxfordshire OX16 2SN
United Kingdom
phone: 441295454545

Stratton Business Park

Normandy Lane
Biggleswade, Bedfordshire SG18 8QB
United Kingdom
phone: 441494656800

Kitts Green Road
Kitts Green
Birmingham B33 9QR
United Kingdom
phone: +44 121 252 8000

Aerospace Products
Unit 6, Bardon 22 Ind. Est., Bardon Hill
Coalville LE6 1TE
United Kingdom

Reynolds Food Packaging
Salters Lane, Sedgfield Industrial Estate
Stockton on Tees, CO.
Durham TW213 EE

United Kingdom
phone: 441740626001

Howmet Ltd
Kestrel Way
Exeter, Devon EX2 7LG
United Kingdom
phone: 441392429700

AFL Automotive
Suite 3, Unit 10, Hornsby Square

Laindon, Essex SS15 6SD
United Kingdom
phone: 441268495213

ASA London
The 3rd Floor, Ridgemount House
1 Totteridge Lane
London N20 0EY
United Kingdom

phone: +44 (0) 208 700 2000

Kawneer UK Limited
Astmoor Industrial Estate
United Kingdom
Tel: + 44 (0)1928 502500

Fax: + 44 (0)1928 502501

Kawneer UK London Office
41 – 42 Eastcastle Street
United Kingdom
Tel: + 44 (0)20 7409 1422

Fax: + 44 (0)20 7409 1466

Farington Business Park
Golden Hill Lane, Leyland
Preston, Lancashire PR151UA
United Kingdom
phone: 441772900500

Waunarlwydd Works
P.O. Box 68, Swansea, Glamorgan

Swansea SA1 1XH
United Kingdom
phone: +44 1792 873 301

AFL Telecommunications
Newcombe Drive
Swindon, Wiltshire SN2 1DZ
United Kingdom
phone: 441793647200

Unit C

Stafford Park 7
Telford, Shropshire
United Kingdom

ASA Manchester
Bankfield Road, Mosely Common Road
Tyldesley, Manchester M29 8QH
United Kingdom
phone: +44 (0) 161 911 2800

Kelvin Way
West Bromwich, West Midlands B70 7LB
United Kingdom
phone: 44-121-532-5000

Ballymount Road, Clondalkin
Dublin 22
phone: 35314609800

AFL Automotive

Finnabair Industrial Park
Dundalk, Co. Louth
phone: 353429339985


The warprofiteers who build the smelter for Alcoa.

London, England
245 Hammersmith Road
London, W6, 8DP
Tel: (44-208) 846-5111
Fax: (44-208) 846-6940

London, England
Pilgrim Street Office
11 Pilgrim Street

London, EC4V 6RN
Tel: (44-207) 651-7777
Fax: (44-207) 651-7972

Warrington, England
Chadwick House
Warrington Road
Risley, Warrington
Cheshire, England WA3 6AE

Tel: (44-1925) 857-000
Fax: (44-1925) 857-001


Designed the Newbury Bypass and currently designing the Karahnjukar dams in Iceland

Malcolm White
Demeter House
Station Road

t +44 (0)1223 463500
f +44 (0)1223 461007

Martin Hornsby
Victory House
Trafalgar Place

t +44 (0)1273 365000
f +44 (0)1273 365100

Tony Powlesland
St Anne House
20-26 Wellesley Road

t +44 (0)20 8774 2000
f +44 (0)20 8681 5706

NG Bristow
Capital House
48/52 Andover Road
SO23 7BH

t +44 (0)1962 893100
f +44 (0)1962 863224

Steve Lawrence
Prince House
43 – 51 Prince Street

t +44 (0)117 906 9500

f +44 (0)117 9221924


Ian Flower
Fitzalan House
Fitzalan Road
CF24 0EL
t +44 (0)29 2046 7800
f +44 (0)29 2046 7801


Brian Witten
Moore House
75 Prince of Wales Road
t +44 (0)1603 767530
f +44 (0)1603 767463

P Ryan
Canterbury House
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IMPREGILO – The chief contractor on the Karahnjukar dams


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The international lawyers for the Impregilo Group, having acted on a number of projects for them are Davies Arnold Cooper – see – with offices in the UK, Spain & Mexico

13 Responses to “The Nature Killers”

  1. Ingólfur Arnarson says:

    I am afraid that you are on a wrong path.
    Kárahnjíkavirkjun is a good project.
    You better look around your self in your homeland.
    You know nothing about our country or our land.

  2. Björgvin (Icelandic) says:

    I´m afraid that you Ingólfur are ignorant, if not that, then just plain stupid! The Kárahnjúkar project is a sin. Our children will condemn us for it. If you just think for a moment, you will realise your error in logic thinking.

    I’m Icelandic and I know my country, and I know the area that will be flooded. Let me guess, you’ve never been there, you don´t even care.

    – bh

  3. Sarah says:

    I’m not Icelandic and I was born in Brazil but I’m really sad about Kárahnjúkar project. It really cuts my heart to see that incredible and beautiful area go away because of an irresponsable american multinational. I spent my holidays there enjoying your country’s beauty and I’m sorry for that… I’m also sorry that some icelanders aprove it. Tell me if I can help in anything and I’ll be glad to help you even in distance.

    Thanx for the attention.

  4. Pétur says:

    Whoa, let’s not drop down to childish name-calling and personal insults, shall we? Calling him stupid, whether he is or not, does not automatically make you right; rather than making the reader question your ability to make an actual argument. I mean no offense here, and apologize if it does offend, I’m just trying to share my point of view.

    I don’t agree with the idea of it being a sin, that our children will condemn us for it and that if I’d think for a moment, I’d realise the error in my logic thinking.

    I DO however agree on that Kárahnjúkavirkjun is a bad idea, from a financial AND natural point of view. Financially, it’s doomed to fail. Environmentally, it’s a needless waste of Icelandic nature, for a project doomed to fail.

    I’m only posting this, because I found your post to be counter-productive. If all protestors of Kárahnjúkavirkjun would drop so low as to simply call those in charge ‘stupid’ or ‘killers’, the protests would be horrible failures! You can’t demand that they think logically, if you can not, right? Remove the splinter out of your own eye, before you point out the grain of sand in another’s eye. Right?

    I too am Icelandic, and I know the area will most likely be flooded. I haven’t been there and to be honest, I don’t really care all that much about it. But I do care for our economy and our environment, and thus I would be much pleased if they wouldn’t flood the area, and Kárahnjúkavirkjun would give up.


  5. Rudi says:

    Hi, I´m german and I flew over the area that shall be flooded. It is virtually the most boring piece of nature that I have ever seen. Not even trees are willing to grow there.
    Whereelse in the world than here should an invisible (!) renewable energyplant (no CO2!) and a wonderful new lake be placed? In the city of London, Stockholm or Berlin? Or any other agriculturally used area in Europe?
    You guys that loved the place in summer – have you ever been here during wintertimes? Only snow and no light for 6 months.
    My god – good people – wake up and stop dreaming!
    I´ve also seen this ridiculous anti-dam camp and I had the feeling here are some people enjoying and misusing the stupidity of donating people in order to have a nice time there at the cost for nothing.
    Better they should get a job and live on their own expenses…

    I don´t want to provoque – but I´d like to encourage you to be alarmed about people that have low knowledge and that are misguiding others for their own sake.

    Your realistic friend Rudi

  6. gorilla says:

    Realistic, my arse, Rudi. Your post is a troll. Let us not feed it.

  7. Ísleifur says:

    So Rudi, then we know that if trees don’t “want to grow” on some land the land must be ugly and the best option would be to drown it!

    Then, according to your attitude, 99% of Iceland (which has no forests at all) must be VERY ugly and should preferably, like Kárahnjúkar, be drowned to fuel the aluminium factories of the military industrial complex. Or just sunk as a whole. It has no trees, death to it!

    Rudi, what are you, a German, doing in Iceland, if it’s not for enjoying beautiful landscape?

    Rudi, you pose as if you hold more than “low knowledge”. Did you know that “wonderful” reservoirs create more greenhouse gasses than many fossil fuel plants?

    And did you know that the dams at Kárahnjúkar will gradually fill up with glacial sediment in a matter of decades and as a result will be rendered useless? Is that what you call “renevable”? Explain please.

    Perhaps you could also explain how the photographs (on this website) from the Kárahnjúkar area that you call ugly are not beautiful. Could it be that your sense of beauty is dictated by money or politics?

    You say you also went to the protest camp. But wait a moment Rudi, if this land struck you as so ugly from an aeroplane why on earth did you bother to travel also by land, all the way deep into the interior!?

    What were you doing in the protest camp?

    Did you demand passports from the people who were there? Did you perhaps interrogate them? If not, how do you know if they don’t have jobs?

    Rudi, your ways are mysterious. How comes you say you know what it is like there in winter? So you’ve been there in the winter!? Really Rudi, what were you doing at Kárahnjúkar in the winter? Do YOU have a job in another type of camp at Kárahnjúkar, a work camp? A job working perhaps for one of the several German companies who are taking active part in the vandalisation of Icelandic nature?

    Rudi, wherever you are from, hypocrite. Do us all a big favour, piss off from Iceland and never show your dishonest technocrat mug here again!

  8. Paolo Savona says:

    Hey, I’m not sure what all this Iceland stuff is about, I’m just a poor university professor who also happens to be on the Trilateral Commission and Chairman of the Impregilo Group.

    Please let me know what it is that my company is supposed to be doing.

    Yours, Paolo Savona

    Professor Paolo Savona
    LUISS-Guido Carli University
    Viale Pola, 12
    0198 Rome, Italy

  9. girl-who-loves-iceland says:

    o my god rudi!
    you must be blind!
    i was on this part of iceland too in summer and in wintertime and it is such a wild and untouched nature there just wounderful-for me it is the most beautiful place on earth-i am even thinking on moving there if i find a job..
    by the way(when you wanna talk about ugly places)-berlin ist the ugliest stinkiest place on earth-i have been there too..

  10. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the others that replied to this post – I’ve been to Iceland and have been in that area both during the Summer and during the winter. It was beautiful, un-touched landscape…a place we should be fighting to save, one of the places in the World that we haven’t yet destroyed just for profit.

    I spent a lot of money last year getting to and surviving at the camp – if I have the money to look after myself, I won’t take any from others…and I do have a job, so you shouldn’t make assumptions about protesters.

    Just because an area looks “boring” (from a plane I notice you wrote) it doesn’t justify destroying it! And if you’ve ever seen an Icelandic tree, you’ll realise that you probably couldn’t even see one from a plane. So saying that trees aren’t even willing to grow in the area is stupid – they’re only about a metre high, how would you know there are none there??

    Anyway, now the Karahnjukar area is gone, we must fight to save the rest of Iceland from people only bothered about profits and companies. It’s one of the only places left un-tampered with and we need to save it.

    I realise that this post is now nearly 2 years old, but I’ve only just read it and wanted to reply anyway.

    Join the good fight x