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Jul 14 2007

Reykjavik’s First Reclaim the Streets

Police Brutality Brings Chaos to Street Party Against Heavy Industry

Knee in face

Does dancing in the street really merit this kind of treatment?

Video report of the streetparty on July 14th, 2007 – now on our own server because YouTube took it off, after more then 3000 views…

When the crowd descended Snorrabraut on it’s way to Laugavegur, the main shopping street, police blockaded the road and there was a standoff for an hour and a half. When the driver of the sound system tried to exit the vehicle, police attempted to arrest him, violently attacking bystanders. A number of people got injured and four arrested. Police went for people’s throats, knocked people face down on the ground, leg-cuffed people and smashed a car window. Activists stayed non-violent.

The crowd moved on to the police station down the road, and sympathizers welcomed us with a surprise second sound system. The police station was stormed by the international rebel clown army that has set up shop at Saving Iceland’s camp in Mossfelsheidi. A number of people climbed the roof and hung down anti-heavy industry banners.
Police did a sortie, apparently with the sole purpose of a surprise arrest of a photographer.

Police have announced that the five people arrested will not be released tonight. It is currently uncertain on what charges they are being held, or what their medical condition is, since some were injured in their arrest. One of them has a broken rib.

Various individuals are considering sueing the police. Please send in any footage or photos you might have of police violence.

On a brighter note, the Dutch RTL4 evening news showed an interview with Iceland’s environmental minister, Þórunn Sveinbjarnardóttir, who stated that she opposes new aluminium smelters in the country. The program also showed images from Saving Iceland’s conference in Olfus last weekend.

RUV shows some police violence, but more interesting is Siggi Superstar and the clown army being interviewed by the RUV journalist, in matching colours…

List of proposed new smelters and enlargements:

The new ALCOA smelter in Reydarfjordur.
The new ALCOA smelter in Husavik.
The Rio Tinto ALCAN enlargement of the existing smelter in Straumsvik.
The new Rio Tinto ALCAN smelter in Keilisnes or Thorlakshofn.
The recent Century Aluminum/Nordural smelter enlargement in Hvalfjordur.
The new Century Aluminum smelter in Helguvik.
The new Altech smelter in Thorlakshofn.
The new Norsk Hydro smelter in Thorlakshofn.
The enlargement of the Icelandic Alloys/ELKEM in Grundartangi.
The new R & D Carbon anode rod factory at Katanes in Hvalfjordur.

Reykjavik's First Reclaim the Streets

The party begins on the ring road


...In a very relaxed fashion...

…In a very relaxed fashion…


Until police blockade Snorrabraut and attack protestors

…Until police blockade Snorrabraut and attack protestors


Knee in face


RVK police station


Jul 12 2007

Saving Iceland Camp Location

Saving Iceland Camp Location

27 July 2007.


Jul 12 2007

Rave Against the Machine!

rave against


Saving Iceland invites you to a street party, saturday 16.00 hrs at the hot spring by Perlan, Oskjuhlid, Reykjavik. DJ EYVI, DJ KIDDI GHOZT and DJ ARNAR [HUGARÁSTAND].

Saving Iceland Streetparty Against Heavy Industry July 14th

REYKJAVIK – The international direct action network Saving Iceland will organize a street party in opposition to heavy industry and large dams in Iceland and around the globe. A number of well-known Icelandic DJ’s will attend, including DJ Eyvi, DJ Kiddy Ghozt and DJ Arnar (Hugarástand).

The ‘Rave against the Machine’ will take place on Saturday July 14th and starts at 16.00h at the hot spring by Perlan, Oskjuhlid.

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Jul 10 2007
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Summer of Dissent – Four Actions in One Day!

10 July 2007 – The International Summer of Dissent begins!

Kringlan Shopping Mall protest, Laugavegur march, Parlaiment lawn speeches and Iceland’s Prime Minister has his office dammed! All in one day!

Kringlan Shopping Mall
Over 50 people from 5 different continents started the day at Kringlan Shopping Mall, Reykjavik, to protest against the consumer culture that demands new aluminium factories. Reverend Billy, from the Church of Stop Shopping, and his new deciple Reverend Snorri, lead a flock of devoted and extreemly noisy earth lovers (also known as Saving Iceland activists) through the consumerist hell that is a the shopping mall.

“The foreign corporations who want to dam Icelands great rivers, and put polluting smelters on our shores – they want us to keep shopping.

“The Aluminium industry makes most of its money from warplanes, tanks and missiles (30%, actually.) They propose the complete damming of Icelands wilderness rivers, this isnald’s famouse beauty buried under industrial reservoirs. Let us stop the war machine and the ruin of Iceland’s wilderness. The same corporations that keep us shopping, mnake war around the world. Isn’t a shopping mall like a ‘human’ dam? We re stopped, hypnotized, put in debt. Our energy is taken from us. Save the country and save ourselves…”

Summer of dissent - Four actions in one day!

Next, activists held a spontaneous demonstration through Laugavegur, Iceland’s mai n shopping street.

On the lawn outside the Alþingi, the Icelandic Parlaiment, people gathered together to speak out against the aluminium industry. People from Trinidad, who are winning a fight against Alcoa, from South Africa, who are fighting a nuclear powered Alcan plant, from the East of Iceland, who have been devastated by the recent Alcoa Reydarfjordur factory and Karahnjukar dams, from Brasil, who is fighting the damming of the Amazon for aluminium factory energy, and many more gave inspiring speeches and lead energy filled songs against the aluminium industry.

Summer of dissent - Four actions in one day!

Prime Minister’s Office
Street theatre activists then set up an aluminium smelter, installed some tomb stones and handed out dirty Icelandic water (Iceland prides itself on its pure water, yet it is polluting and destroying its water for the sake of heavy industry dams).

SI quote

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Jul 09 2007



Hálslón, Kárahnjúkar, October 2006

A summer of International dissent and action against Heavy Industry – swarming around Iceland from the 6th of July 2007

Updated July 10th. The campaign to defend Europe’s vastest remaining wilderness continues. After the direct action camps in Iceland’s mountain highlands in the summers of 2005 and 2006 against the Kárahnjúkar dam and ALCOA’s Reydarfjordur aluminium smelter, the Saving Iceland campaign moves on to bring Iceland’s aluminium Heavy Industrialisation to a halt.

New plans for dams, power plants, aluminium smelters and other forms of heavy industry need to be stopped. The culprits include corporations such as ALCOA, ALCAN, Century Aluminum, Hydro, Rusal, Impregilo, Bechtel, Barclays, Mott McDonald, etc… Iceland, with it’s vast geothermal and megahydro possibilities, is a new frontier for cheap energy craving industrial moguls who see nothing worth saving in Iceland’s legendary wilderness.

This camp will bring together activists from all over the world, including activists from social movements in India, South America, Africa, Europe and North America. Stopping the industrialisation and ecological destruction of the last unspoilt country in the west would be a major victory for the green movement and a new incentive for a global movement against industrialisation and ecocide. Join us. Read More

Jul 08 2007

Stóriðjusinnar iðrist! – Reverend Billy to Exorcise Heavy Industry in Iceland!

Takið þátt í einstæðri athöfn fyrir sálarheill þjóðarinnar þar sem Séra Reverend Billy mun særa á brott orkusugur og illa anda stóriðju.

Athöfnin mun fara fram 10. júlí í Kringlunni, musteri græðginnar, og hefst kl. 12.00.

The one and only Reverend Billy from the Church of Stop Shopping shall lead a flock of anti heavy industry activists through the pits of Heavy Industry hell in Iceland.

The preacher calls upon you to join him at noon of the 10th of July, Krínglan shopping mall, Reykjavik, Tuesday July 10th, 12:00!
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Jul 05 2007

Democracy and Environmental Rationality

Ólafur Páll Jónsson
Reykjavík Grapevine
Issue 7, 31 May 2007

Democracy is hailed as the best form of government, but yet the countries that have been ruled by this best form of government are responsible for the worst consequences in the history of humanity: climate change and other environmental crises threaten the very living conditions of millions of people around the globe and no part of the world will be unaffected. Some people believe that democracy itself is responsible for this severe situation � that democracy as such undermines environmental rationality and plays into superficial and unreasonable preferences while ignoring long term consequences by making environmental decisions subject to procedural standards. In other words, since democracy is primarily about procedures while environmental rationality requires certain outcomes, democracy has no way of guaranteeing environmental rationality.

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Jul 05 2007

Saving Iceland Mega Concert – NASA- 2 July

Featuring Múm, Ólöf Arnalds, Rúnar Júl, Bogomil Font og félagar, Magga Stína, Ellen Eyþórs, Mr. Silla og Mongoose, Bloodgroup, Evil Madness, Skátar, Retro Stefsson, Strakovsky Horo, Dimma, Reykjavík, Velvet Ego, Dj Árni Sveins and Captain Tobias Hume.

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Jun 17 2007

The National Theatre Adorned with Iceland’s New Flag.


17 June 2007

The National Theatre is adorned with Iceland’s new flag.

At around 4pm on Sunday 17th June, National Day, a giant new Icelandic flag was revealed from the roof of the National Theatre, located on Hverfisgata, facing the Arnarholl on Lækjargata where thousands of people stood for the festivities. The flag, which was 25m long, had a shield with the logos of the alluminum companies: ALCOA, ALCAN and Norðurál (also known as Century Aluminum) in the centre of a new Icelandic flag. The activists wished to express that far from being an independant nation, Iceland has been taken over by the aluminium industry with all the democracy defecit that comes with such powerful corporations. Read More

May 24 2007

Saving Iceland at the 2007 G8 Counter Summit

Saving Iceland at the 2007 G8 Counter Summit


Saving Iceland will be presenting workshops at the G8 Counter Summit in Northern Germany. We will be discussing and introducing our campaign, the 2007 camp and conference, international actions and the potential for a global movement against heavy industry. Read More