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Jul 31 2007

Icelandic Media Lie that No SI Prisoner is Being Held

Updated: August 2nd
M.R. has been released having taken her sentence out in full. This leaves two more activists to do stints in prison in August. One for eighteen days and the other for four days.
The newspaper Frettabladid claimed on the 1st of August that M.R. had been imprisoned for “something else” than protesting against the heavy industry policy. The source for this was the Icelandic police, again. It seems that certain Icelandic news departments are just incapable of telling the truth. Miriam R. was imprisoned for eight days because of her protest against ALCOA in 2006.

It is obvious from this that the Icelandic media are at pains to hide the fact that the Icelandic State is imprisoning protesters against the heavy industry policy of the Icelandic government.
This is also the case with the Icelandic Embassy in London. When approached by members of the Green Party in the UK embassy officials claimed that no one was in prison in Iceland because of their political beliefs.
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Jul 30 2007

ELF Hits Rio Tinto Alcan in Essex in Solidarity with Saving Iceland

ALCAN flag 


30 July 2007

The Earth Liberation Front sent Saving Iceland the following statement:

“In the early hours of 30/07/07, saboteurs struck at Smurfit Kappa, a plastics factory owned by Rio Tinto Alcan in Chelmsford, Essex. The gates were locked shut, office doors and loading bays were sabotaged with glue and a message left painted on the wall. Vehicles belonging to Rio Tinto were also sabotaged…”
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Jul 30 2007

Massive Solidarity from NY – Thank You!


Saving Iceland
31 July 2007

Today Saving Iceland received 89 beautiful postcards from the US.

We take this opportunity to thank all the people supporting our campaign with their love, energy and solidarity. Our campaign lives out of the work from every individual participating.

We suspect that the overflooding of our mailbox was commited by the Church of Stop Shopping.

Solidarity is a weapon.
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Jul 29 2007

Rio Tinto Alcan to Sue Saving Iceland

Iceland Review

The aluminum company Alcan in Iceland has decided to sue activists who, on behalf of the campaign group Saving Iceland, broke into Alcan’s premises in Straumsvík, near Hafnarfjördur, on Tuesday and chained themselves to machines.

“To get the kids out, the company’s equipment had to be damaged,” Alcan’s finance director, Sigurdur Thór Ásgeirsson, told Morgunbladid. “They had chained themselves to a gate, rails and machines, and because the chains were around their necks we didn’t dare saw them off.”

Ásgeirsson added the smelter’s operations had been delayed because of the protests.

Alcan’s lawyers were asked to review the case yesterday and in the following days it will be decided how many protesters will be sued and on which charges. Thirteen individuals, most of them foreign citizens, were arrested on Tuesday, and about 20 protesters in total participated in Saving Iceland’s actions on Alcan’s premises.

The 13 protestors who were arrested have now been released. According to police, the case is still under investigation and the individuals may be facing deportation.

According to law, foreign citizens can be deported if they have been convicted for a crime or served a sentence in another country, if the crime they were convicted of would result in imprisonment in Iceland for more than three months.

Jul 28 2007

State Harassment of Saving Iceland Activists

Gi' uncle a kiss.... Police harrassmentUpdated July 28 July

The Icelandic Police have stepped up their repression of Saving Iceland activists whilst their 2007 Summer protest camp finishes. [1] One activist has been refused the right to appeal her prison sentence and is currently in solitary confinement. Fifteen have had their passports stolen by the Police, who refuse to give any firm reasons as to why or when they will be returned. Five people were arrested for putting up political street art, including the owner of the building that was to be painted. Nine police vehicles turned up at a party in which many SI activists were attending and entered the building without warrant.

After being arrested in the vicinity of the Rio Tinto-Alcan aluminium smelter in Straumsvik on the 24th of July [2], one activist had her sentence from the 2006 protest camp laid on her. Instead she was given the choice to either immediately pay 100,000 ISK or serve eight days in prison. She was refused her right to appeal, which would have given her a month to choose her options. She chose to go to prison instead of paying her fine. Now she is in Hegningarhusid, an all male prison, and therefore in solitary confinement.

Saving Iceland demands that:
*The activist currently in prison is either moved to a womens prison with a full apology or released immediately for lack of state resources.
*All stolen passports must be released immediately, according to international law.
*An end to the criminalisation and state harassment of environmental activists.

“Why, if there were no spaces in a women’s prison, and if she should have been given her time of appeal, has she been rushed off into a mens prison, leaving her isolated and in solitary confinement? This is illegal and feels like a political decision designed to unfairly treat political activists.” says Saving Iceland’s Snorri Páll Jónsson Úlfhildarson. Read More

Jul 27 2007

S.I. Activists Imprisoned and Blackmailed by the Icelandic State

Police station banners

Saving Iceland
24 July 2007

The Icelandic government and ALCOA are beginning to line up political prisoners with their repression of protests against the heavy industry policy.

A twenty three year old British Saving Iceland activist who was arrested today on the action against Rio Tinto-Alcan, has been imprisoned for eight days.

Apparently the activist was told by the Icelandic police that she was to pay a 100.000 kronur (£840) fine for her involvement in protests against ALCOA in the east of Iceland in the summer of 2006, or face prison. She chose the latter.

The third S. I. protestor to be imprisoned is an Icelandic 21 year old. (The first S.I. activist imprisoned was Paul Gill in 2005.) He is to sit in jail for 18 days, in August for protesting against the then still illegal ALCOA smelter in Reydarfjordur.

Other foreign protesters are now having their passports held at ransom by the police for fines based on accusations for obstructing the police, but no actual charges. According to a high ranking policeman this is the first time that the Icelandic police do this. It seems to be the routine with the Icelandic police that they repeatedly break their own laws in the almost certain hope they won’t be caught out. This is yet another sign of the corruption that results from the close ties between the State and the judicial system in Iceland.

Here at Saving Iceland we seem to remember that passports are the property of the States that they are issued by.

Thus, the Icelandic police may actually be breaching international law by blackmailing foreign citizens who are just exercising their democratic right to protest peacefully against the corrupt heavy industry policy that this new government continues to maintain.

In March this year the Left-Green party in Iceland called for an independent investigation into the conduct of the Icelandic police against Saving Iceland protesters in the the years of 2005 and 2006. At the same time the Left-Green party also expressed serious concern about the conduct of the police in the coming summer of 2007. Clearly not without reason.

It is high time that the autocratic and frequently violent methods of the Icelandic police against peaceful protesters come under serious scrutiny.

Jul 26 2007

Locals of Hafnarfjordur Protest Against Mayor’s Betrayal of ALCAN Referendum

local banner hafnarfj

26 July 2007

Locals in Hafnarfjordur protested on Thursday against the Council’s attempts to betray the results of the local referendum in March about the enlargement of the ALCAN smelter which is situated in nearby Straumsvik.

In spite of a massive PR campaign paid for by ALCAN (including an illegal gathering by ALCAN of personal data about individuals in Hafnarfjordur) the majority of the inhabitants rejected the enlargement.

After the referendum both ALCAN and the Mayor of Hafnarfjordur, Ludvik Geirsson, issued a series of contradictory statements claiming that the results of the referendum were not legally binding.

Later they surfaced with the idea that the referendum only applied to a planning permission of a certain spot by the existing factory and that nothing could stop it being built on a landfill on the other side of the factory. (1)

The locals dropped two different banners. One stating that ‘NO MEANS NO – ENLARGEMENT IS CRIMINAL’ and the other saying ‘NIETSCHE KILLED GOD – LUDVIK KILLED DEMOCRACY’.

Saving Iceland wish to congratulate the inhabitants of Hafnarfjordur for their continuing opposition to the evil that has now metamorphised into Rito Tinto-ALCAN.

1.- See: ALCAN and Mayor decide: To Hell with Democracy in Hafnarfjördur!

See also: Celebration as Hafnarfjörður rejects Alcan expansion!

local banner hafnarfj2

local banner hafnarfj

Jul 26 2007

Saving Iceland Blockades Hellisheidi Power Station

RAX - HellisheidarvirkjunSaving Iceland blockaded two roads to Hellisheidi Power Station at 7am this morning. The activists locked on to different vehicles and one climbed a crane on the worksite and unfurled a gigantic banner: “STOP PRODUCING ENERGY FOR WEAPONS”

Jul 24 2007

Anti-Coega Contacts

Anti-Coega Contacts:

Earthlife South Africa

Alcan’t at Coega

Jul 24 2007

Saving Iceland Blockades Rio Tinto-Alcan Smelter in Hafnarfjordur

Landsvirkjun Involved in Coal & Nuclear Powered RioTinto-Alcan Smelter in Africa
Hafnafjordur_blockade_240707_5HAFNAFJORDUR – Saving Iceland has closed access to RioTinto’s Straumsvik smelter in South-West Iceland. About 20 protestors have locked their arms in metal tubes and climbed onto cranes on the smelter site. Saving Iceland opposes plans for a new RioTinto-Alcan smelter in Keilisnes or Thorlakshöfn, expansion of the existing smelter, and a new coal and nuclear powered smelter in South Africa.

“Protests against Alcan have been successful. Of course the people of Hafnafjordur have stopped the expansion of Straumsvik and recently, in Kaskipur, Northeast India, Alcan had to give up it’s participation in a bauxite mine because of protests against their human rights violations and environmental devestation. Alcan has been accused of cultural genocide in Kashipur, 1 because mining and dams have already displaced 150.000 mainly tribal people there 2. Norsk Hydro left the project when police tortured and opened fire on protestors, and then Alcan moved in,” says Saving Iceland’s Jaap Krater.

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