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Jul 24 2006

The Protest Camp has Started!!

Updated 29/7 2006

The Friends of Iceland/Saving Iceland protest camp has been erected at Snaefell close to the dams at Karahnjukar.


Jess Hurd4

On Saturday at least 150 people went on a protest hike into the area to be drowned. The hike ended with a silent protest vigil at the site of the central dam. Anger and sorrow was the predominant feeling.

Jess Hurd3

The atmosphere at the camp is amazing and there is much dynamism in the air and feverish activity. Almost two hundred people are in the camp now. About half the people are Icelandic, the other half English, Scottish, French, Dutch, Belgian, Spanish, Italian, German etc.


Ghostigital played a bistering set in the blazing evening sun with waterfalls and mountain ridges in the background. Dean Ferrell played a very inspiring set in the daytime yesterday and Palindrome played in the evening.

Dean Ferrell 

Both Björk and Sigur Rós are expected to appear soon at the camp.

Jun 28 2006

Saving Iceland Concert Held in Belgium

Icelandic National Brodacasting Service, RÚV, reports that Icelandic and international opponents of heavy industry projects in Iceland have organized a concert titled “Saving Iceland” in Antwerp, Belgium. Icelandic and international artists performed and an Icelandic documentary was presented.

The benefit event with live Icelandic bands, intended to bring the issue of the dams in Iceland to the public attention was a great success; the event as well as the resulting media attention.

Having been interviewed by three national radio stations and having been published in two national newspapers, the Belgian media has been enthusiastic in bringing the news of building large scale dams in Iceland.

Saturday, 24 June, Antwerp was host to 4 Icelandic live bands: Stylluppsteypa, Berglind Ágústsdottir, Skátar and Cocktail Vomit aka Disco Shrimp. They gave a performance after the documentary World of Solitude with Magnus Magnusson had been shown and people had asked questions. Some 450 people showed up to learn more about the matter or to listen to quite experimental live music. It was a success in every way and many people plan to come to Iceland this summer to join the ‘Family Days’ camp at Snaefell, starting 21th July.

Jun 26 2006

Final deadline for t-shirt designs…

Thankyou to everyone who has already sent in a design for a Saving Iceland tshirt, they have all been of such a high quality, we are amazed. Read More

Jun 20 2006

Design a Saving Iceland tshirt!

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May 27 2006

Over 3000 people demonstrate at ‘Friends of Iceland’ Demo and Concert Against Heavy Industry!!


Usally organisers of demonstations in Iceland are very pleased if 2000 people attend demos. But over 3000! This goes to show the rising tide against the heavy industy policy and corporate invasion of Iceland. Bravo!

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May 24 2006

Inquiry Into the Conduct of the Icelandic Authorities

An official inquiry has been called for by the Left-green Party into the conduct of the Icelandic authorities and police during the protests in the summer and autumn of 2005.

In the summer and autumn of 2005 the Icelandic authorities performed numerous illegal arrests, violated the rights of people in custody, entered illegally the dwellings of protestors, violated severely the peace and right of privacy of individuals with thuggish surveillance, threats and intimidating behaviour.

The Directorate of Immigration finally ruled that it had no right to deport any of the foreign people who demonstrated summer 2005 against the heavy industry policy of the Icelandic government.

The threats of deportations were in fact nothing but illegal persecution of people who were exercising their democratic rights to protest against the crimes of a highly autocratic and corrupt government. This is exactly what was pointed out in the article ‘Surprise, surprise!‘ as early as September 2005.

No actual deportations of anti-dam protestors took place. Had they taken place they would have been illegal!

People who were on the Icelandic Directorate of Immigration list for possible deportation are all perfectly free to travel back to Iceland.

May 15 2006

All Day Protest Outside the ‘Economist Roundtable for Iceland’ Conference

The conference was organized by the Economist magazine but sponsored by Alcoa and other companies. In the publicity material for the conference, the Economist (in its guise as the ’Economist Intelligence Unit’!) promoted the conference as discussing amongst other things how Iceland can supply all of Europe’s energy needs with clean energy.

In the build up to the conference, outraged Icelanders contacted the Economist and pointed out that even if every drop of energy was squeezed from the land without any other considerations, it would still only produce 1% of Europe’s requirements. Also the energy that will be produced is actually very far from clean energy. In fact its filthy dirty.

The Economist replied that what was in the publicity material was, “marketing-speak geared to creating interest for the event.” They continued, “The journalistic approach from The Economist itself would certainly carry a different, more balanced and researched perspective.”
The unwitting honesty of this reply speaks volumes. Nuff said.

More wriggling and squirming followed about the role of the sponsoring companies, (Just supporting the conference financially, otherwise neutral.) Then they tried to suggest that the conference represented a balance of the opinions on the issues under discussion. Only problem with that being that the, ‘critical’ voice was that of a conservative opposition MP, who had actually supported the dam project wholeheartedly! Read More

May 10 2006


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May 10 2006

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May 09 2006
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