Jul 19 2005

Kárahnjúkar Dam Works Blockaded on Anniversary of Alcoa Signing

On Tuesday 19th July 2005 a group of approximately 20 of us hiked to the main junction approaching the site. Four of our group locked on to a pick up truck and a HUGE caterpillar construction vehicle. We managed to block two other access roads and halt work on the site for three hours.


This was a first in Icelandic history: the police had to make up a word for “lock-on”. Thirteen of us were “detained, apparently “arrested”, and later released without charge….with the warning that Impregilo were “looking at this incident with grave eyes” and were likely to make a civil case. Impregilo have since changed their mind. For a change, the media did report that the protesters were “friendly”!

No Responses to “Kárahnjúkar Dam Works Blockaded on Anniversary of Alcoa Signing”

  1. jane reason says:

    Yay! Good on you..keep strong. Globalize resistance. You are small and they are HUGE but you have right on your side and that will prevail. The might of nature is with you. Love and peace JR4x

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice work. from a message on indymedia police sounded out of order – hope all ok with people. Great to halt work – all the best, in solidarity x