Jul 29 2005

The Protest Camp has Moved


29 July 2005

The people at the international protest camp were forced to find another location as a base, because the landowner of the piece of land the camp was stationed at (the Icelandic national church) gave in from pressure from police and Landsvirkjun and withdrew the permission for the camp to be there. Three local farmers offered the protesters to camp at their land and it goes to show that not all people in the East are pro dam and these farmers have shown great courage to offer us to stay on their land. The new location is at the land of Vad in Skriddalur. If you plan to come, give us a call for direction or if you need to be picked up at Egilsstadir.

The protests will go on, and everyone is welcome to join us.

The Protest Camp has moved

2 Responses to “The Protest Camp has Moved”

  1. gemma says:

    miss you all at camp and miss beautiful karahnjukar valley- hope new loco is less windy n bet y’all miss the spectacular view from the bog!! been spreadin the karahnjukar news back in london n brighton- we’re all with you in spirit n keep on and on and on like ariston…
    love n support, gemma

  2. Back home says:

    The camp has now (12th August) moved to Reykjavik where a series of events are planned over the coming weeks. So if you are coming over don`t head for east Iceland! You can find people at Snarrot, which is a info centre in a basement under a veggie cafe on the main high street- you can`t miss it. There have been loads of really good actions over the last few weeks on the dams, the power station and the aluminium plant, now it`s time to take the fight to those taking the decisions in the capital. So if you are thinking about going out there – stop thinking and do it! It is a crucial time to involve more Icelandic people in direct action. Good luck people…don`t get deported!