Sep 29 2005

Saving Iceland Gathering

Saving Iceland Gathering
Nottingham, UK 28th – 30th Oct 2005


Sumac Centre, Gladstone Street, Forestfields, Nottingham

Weekend gathering reporting back from the campaign to stop the Icelandic government and Alcoa destroying Europe’s largest remaining pristine wilderness for aluminium smelters!

Workshops, films and presentations to prepare others interested in supporting the campaign in the lead up to the international gathering in Iceland in summer 2006.

Gathering hosted by Sumac Centre, Friday evening to Sunday midday, with catering co-ordinated by Veggies Catering Campaign.

Gathering Programme:

Friday 28th Oct
Social and benefit gig

Saturday 29th Oct
Introduction to the issues and discussion
concerning the advancement of heavy
industry in Iceland

Sunday 30th Oct

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3 Responses to “Saving Iceland Gathering”

  1. viki says:

    A gathering so soon.. great!!!! Well done, enjoy it!
    I´ve put three spanish translations (Power driven, A statement from camp, and the international call for 2006) But i don´t know if they are up or lost in the space, so it would be great if someone could check it and collect them in the Castilian buttom… it´s just because of all these spaniards desiring to know mooooore…. hehe
    See you all! good luck!

  2. Lorenzo says:

    please respect the nature in iceland!

    don’t allow the multinationals to destroy such a beautiful place.

    we support iceland, we support nature!

  3. Andrea Gardini says:

    We are with you!
    from italy/