Feb 28 2006

ALCOA Runcorn Factory in UK Blocked by Environmental Activists

At the time of writing around thirty protesters are blockading the entrance to the Runcorn Alcoa factory near Manchester. Seven people have locked onto each other with armtubes and for nearly three hours all traffic to and from the factory has been blockaded.

Alcoa are being targeted because of their involvement in the Karahnjukar dam projects. The campaign is growing and intensifying as the Icelandic government and Alcoa’s plans for devastation of the Icelandic landscape expand. Tomorrow Alcoa will announce whether they intend to build another smelter in the North of Iceland, a decision we feel should be made by the people of Iceland rather than a foreign corporation.

Recently a third of the workers at the Runcorn factory have been made redundant, according to them to get cheaper labour. Workers passing by our protest have all been very polite and many have wished us luck. The protest has been peaceful.

Interview with one of the protesters, footage and more still photographs from the protest is available. Please contact: Email deleted[Ed.]

3 Responses to “ALCOA Runcorn Factory in UK Blocked by Environmental Activists”

  1. xTryggvix says:

    Does anyone know what happened to those seven persons that locked themselves together with armtubes? were they arrested?


  2. emma says:


    No one got arrested, the police only made an unsuccesful attempt to take people’s details as they walked off.

    Workers were particularily happy with our protest and one of them was quoted to have said “Good luck, burn them down!”

  3. pontusjoakim says:

    Greetings from Oblog

    Hi there, I would just like to say that we’re posting an article about the Alcoa project in a local magazine in Malmö, Sweden. As editor for the newspaper I don’t take stand for or against the dam in itself. Mainly because I’m too far away to realy understand what’s happening. As a person on the other hand I always take a stand for people who fight for what they beleave is right, especially when they’re up against a huge multinational company in alliance with the government. If it weren’t for you guys democracy wouldn’t be worth a crap. Keep up the good work.

    Best wishes
    Pontus Joakim Olofsson
    Editor of Oblog

    Ps. I would like to publish some of the material I found on this site, can somebody please give me an OK? Please reply to pontus.joakim@gmail.com Ds.