Mar 14 2007
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Dutch Folk Singer Fighting for Icelandic Nature


Performance and picketline at Icelandic Consulate in Rotterdam

Wednesday March 14th, 2007, the international campaign Saving Iceland and the nature-activist network GroenFront!, will blockade the Icelandic Consulate, Weena 690, Rotterdam. “With this blockade, we want to make it clear to the Icelandic government, that people in the Netherlands are very worried about the Icelandic heavy industry program and it’s effects on nature and the climate,” says activist Sven Janson.
One remarkable protester will also be present at the protest. Armand is a legendary Dutch singer who’s music and lyrics have captured the hearts of the Dutch with sharp and witty comments on current affairs and important issues in society. He has visited Iceland and his performance is full of impressions of the unique beauty of Iceland. A photo report is available here.

International Week of Action

This protest in Rotterdam is part of an international week of action called by Saving Iceland, to bring the ecological atrocities caused by the Icelandic heavy industry program to the attention of the world. In various countries in Europe, actions will be taking place.
Today is also the International Day of Action for Rivers.

Destruction of nature Iceland is one of Europe’s last great wildernesses. “The landscape has made a strong impact on me, but it is very vulnerable. The country is as of yet not desecrated by industry and infrastructure. But we are very worried that this may all change if the plans for heavily polluting aluminium industry will be executed,” says Janson. “These companies are hungry for energy, so the offer of the government to build mega-dams around the country is very attractive for them. “But this will flood many square miles, destroy river ecosystems and create destructive dust storms. Unique bird habitats will be destroyed. Also, aluminium production creates a serious amount of greenhouse gases and is mainly used for weaponry, planes and cars. We will stop these plans.”

International Action Camps

In 2005 and 2006, Iceland has seen two international direct action camps to stop the construction of the first large dam and a new smelter by the American corporation ALCOA. These have been attended to by hundreds of people, both from Iceland and 18 other countries. This summer will see a third action gathering, commencing July 6th.

This protest was organised by Saving Iceland, an international campaign opposing heavy industry, and GroenFront!, a Dutch-Belgian radical environmental movement linked to Earth First!. GroenFront! is well known in the Netherlands for a popular campaign opposing the destruction of a forest for a NATO airforce base and various other direct action campaigns.

For more information: Sven Janson, +31 6 45019819,

For professional footage of this action, please contact:
Thomas Schlijper (photography), +31 6 55782393
Jup de Heer (video), +31 6 24236539

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    Details on embassy action in Brussels:
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