Aug 21 2007

International Day of Action Against Heavy Industry and Large Dams – 12th Sept

The 12th of September has been called as a day of international action against heavy industry.

In the 2007 Saving Iceland protest camp, people from five continents explored the similarities between their fights against common enemies, in particular the aluminium industry, and were empowered by the enormous strength of the global movement they were creating. From there, this global day of action was decided upon.

We call on activists from all over the world to join in with creating a locally based yet global movement for planet and people that kicks heavy industrial corporate greed off this earth!

Actions are already being planned in Iceland, Trinidad, USA, UK, South Africa and possibly other countries. Please join us on the 12th and show these companies that we will not tolerate their exploitation of the planet.

We will facilitate you in publicizing your protest and giving advice, if you need it. Lots of European targets can be found here with and update here. Also see Saving Iceland’s Nature Killers section for more ideas. Even one person with a banner outside a relevant embassy will make a difference, though bigger actions will be happening.

    Related Websites:
fighting plans for pristine wilderness to be destroyed by mega-hydro and geothermal energy for the aluminium industry (ALCOA, ALCAN, Century, Hydro, Rusal).

TrinidadRights Action Group
fighting the islands most rural and wild peninsula from being invaded by two gas powered aluminium smelters (Alcoa, Alutrint)

South AfricaAlcan’t at Coega and Earthlife Africa
fighting away a coal and nuclear powered aluminium smelter (ALCAN) that will consume as much electricity as half of Cape Town, whilst 30% of the countries population have none at all.

IndiaAlcan’t in India
this campaign has recently managed to fight away Alcan but is now confronted by mining corporation Vedanta taking Alcan’s shoes, destroying the natural habitat of India’s indiginouse population of Orissa

Brasil – Movimento dos Atingidos por Barragens – Brasil or Movement of Dam Affected People – Brasil
Huge dams are being built all over Brasil and the Amazon rainforest. Not only is the amount of greenhouse gasses released from these far greater than the equivalent amount of energy produced by a coal fire plant, but massive amounts of people are being displaced. Most of the energy is being used for heavy industry, including ALCOA.

AustraliaCommunity Alliance for Positive Solutions INC.
currently suing Alcoa with US attorney Erin Brockovitch due to the devastating affects on the health of residents around its mega smelter in the east of the country.


The concept for this international day of action was borne at this circle: Olfus, Iceland, 8 July 2007

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  1. Anonymous says:

    My name is Tess O’Brien and I am a young activist in Australia. Having seen the impact that this industry is having on Iceland along with the rest of the world, I have decided to broach the topic with my local group and see if we can bring together a protest on the 12th.

    In solidarity,

  2. Anonymous says:

    There should be a small solidarity demo or two in N.East England, at one or more of the Alcoa/Alcan sites. If you wanna join in here –

  3. lankoid says:

    Big thank you to all those offering solidarity demos and mobilising the masses around the world.. Its so empowering to see concern and anger for the rape of this little country spreading like wildfire around the planet.

    You are all flames in the fire that will one day bring the bastards down. xxx