Oct 22 2007

Imminent Man-Made Volcanic Eruption Courtesy of ALCOA and Icelandic Government



Today at the annual general meeting of the Icelandic Glaciological Society the geophysicist Páll Einarsson confirmed that a volcanic eruption is imminent in one or two years time in Upptyppingar near Askja. He said this was a direct result of the inundation of Kárahnjúkar. He also claimed that the earthquakes that had started in February, ceased temporarily when the inundation was halted, but as soon as it was continued the tremors began again. The water in Halslon weighs two billion tons now and over 4000 earthquakes have been recorded since February.
Einarsson added that it was a mystery why the effects of the inundation were felt 20 kilometers away from Karahnjukar, instead of in the immediate vicinity of the dams.

He finally said that the eruption will probably last for many decades, even for many centuries.

Saving Iceland would like to point out that the greenhouse gases that will enter the atmosphere as a result of this disaster should be taken into account in calculations of emission quotas for ALCOA and the Icelandic government, together with the methane gas released by the rotting vegetation submerged at the bottom of Halslon reservoir.

It will be interesting to see ALCOA explain in their greenwash propaganda how a volcanic eruption can be “sustainable”.

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