Nov 14 2007

Iceland’s Independence Hero Joins Curse Against Heavy Industry


On Friday night the 9th of November a dramatic and theatrical action took place outside the Icelandic parliament, in which politicians who voted for the environmentally disastrous Kárahnjúkar project, were ridiculed and cursed. The event marked the turning on of the power station and first turbines in Fljótsdalur on Monday the 5th, and serves as a reminder to the Icelandic government that we have not forgotten their corrupt behavior towards this unrivaled magical wilderness.

The action began with a comical and symbolic public spanking of said politicians, whose names were read out one by one while a fishwife insulted and spanked ferociously the bare arse of a lifelike doll symbolizing each one, much to the audience’s amusement.


Immediately after this a pagan magic ritual began, in which dramatically dressed members of Saving Iceland danced and drummed to a curse poem performed by the leading witch. The ritual entailed the application of blood to a stone carved with appropriate runic symbols, which was then placed outside of the Stjornarrád (the offices of the Prime Minister) containing the curses associated with each rune. The magic was based on a famous 10th century Icelandic ritual in which a horses head attached to a pole is used to transmit the curse towards the target(s). In this case the skull, painted with Icelandic runic symbols, was attached to the statue of Jon Sigurdsson, the Independence hero of Iceland, who appeared to hold the pole as his eyes and those of the horse stared fiercely towards the parliament.

Iceland’s independence is now threatened by the ongoing invasion of giant foreign Aluminium corporations, seeking to colonise its rivers, fjords and government in the hope of huge profits from cheap energy sources.

The curse pole staid overnight with the statue of Jón Sigurðsson and was not discovered by the police until in the early afternoon on Saturday.

No animals were hurt for the purpose of the ritual.



curiosity killed the cat

4 Responses to “Iceland’s Independence Hero Joins Curse Against Heavy Industry”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, how did the cursing go? Are the cursed writhing in agony right now? Are boils festering on their flesh??

    Inquiring minds wanna know.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The day after the ritual took place Landsvirkjun, the national power company, suddenly announced that they would not be able to provide energy for further aluminium smelters in the southwest. This complicates greatly the situation for both Rio Tinto-Alcan and Century (RUSAL).

    A few days later the government announced that they had finally decided to spare the beautiful lake Langisjor and now intend to include it in the Vatnajokull National Park. This is a major victory for those who are fighting to preserve Icelandic nature.

    It seems that the Devil has some pretty good connections within the Icelandic government.

    As for the boils I recommend that you check the addresses of those concerned on ‘The Hall of Shame’ and ask themselves.

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