Oct 25 2010

Support the Reykjavík Nine Brochure

Supporters of the Reykjavík Nine have prepared a brochure in solidarity and support of the RVK-9, as the nine are often referred to.

The nine currently stand trial, accused of having attacked the parliament of Iceland on the 8th of December 2008 and threatened the independence of the parliament.

Read more about the case and the context around it in the brochure, which can be downloaded in PDF format here, or by clicking on the picture above.

Please mail, print and distribute as widely as possible.

Click here to visit the support site for the Reykjavík Nine.

3 Responses to “Support the Reykjavík Nine Brochure”

  1. Dear Friends,

    ATTAC Hungary and the Hungarian Social Forum Network are supporting the Reykjavik Nine and herewith we express our solidarity with the activists.

    Best freindly regards,

    Matyas Benyik, President of ATTAC Hungary
    organizer of the Hungarian Social Forum Network

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