Join the Fight

“Why do we allow a handful of politicians to decide the fate and future of our heritage, that will be condemned by generations to come? How come we don’t have the guts and solidarity and wisdom to stop this madness?”
Guðmundur Páll Ólafsson
Naturalist, author, photographer


The flooding of Karahnjukar has begun and the battle to save that valley has indeed been lost. But Alcoa, Rio-Tinto Alcan, Century Aluminum and Bechtel are not planning to stop their invasion of Iceland there. Many other areas are under threat from their insatiable appetite for cheap energy and heavy industry. “Tests” for the next dams and geo-thermal plants are well under way all over the country.

Lovers of the Icelandic wilderness must be prepared to carry on the struggle against these patriarchal base corporations and political systems. The life affirming wonder brought about by free wildernesses is a far stronger motivation to live and fight than any amount of boring capital. Whilst there are still wildernesses in Iceland and on this planet it is us who have the upper hand.

Wherever you are in the world it is likely that there will be a target for you to make your protest felt. Icelandic embassies, consulates or the companies involved in the various projects.

See links and lists of diplomatic missions and the companies involved in “The Nature Killers”.

For downloads and tool-kits see “Resources”.

For practical information about tarvelling to/in Iceland and staying at the camp see: “2008 Protest Camp”

Also check out our European Targets Brochure and come up with your own plots and plans!




19 Responses to “Join the Fight”

  1. It is a shame that some corrupt politicans can damage a huge part of Iceland. They lied to the people of Iceland, telling false facts und don´t care about the damage to the nature. The unspoiled nature of Iceland should be preserved.
    The destroying of more parts from the Icelandic Highlands has to be stopped.

    Sven Strumann
    Photographer and Touristguide

  2. Casey Allen Shobe says:

    I wish that I could afford to come to Iceland for the camp – I believe strongly in preserving Iceland and hope sincerely that you are successful in your cause. I can’t thank you enough for fighting this fight! Good luck!

  3. Arkanum says:

    …I cried when I saw pictures of Iceland for the first time, here on this site, would people really destroy such land? the magic, I can sense it, your land is to be preserved for whatever cost, and the gods of old shall guide you, take your pride, don’t let them kill earth’s teardrop, yours is the land, not theirs..

  4. Íris says:

    Wish I could help. I hate the Icelandic government. Greedy money grabbing apes!

    Greetings from an Icelander…ashamed to be one when crimes like this are done in the name of the Icelandic people.

  5. Benjamin Joseph Kochenderfer says:

    I wish that I could afford to help you. Let alone visit Iceland itself. I love the photos you’ve shown me on this site. Let me know what I can do, I’ll see what I can work up.

  6. Giordano says:

    I’m Italian,
    I’ll be with you in summer 2006

    Stand up for Iceland!

  7. Jan says:

    so this looks as if I will go to Iceland again – this time not for my recreation but for saving Iceland’s nature

  8. maria_rosendahl says:

    …. going to join in!

    – we are very exited about the camp and we are now seriously planning to go and join in.
    we are two radical youngsters from denmark upset about how the situation looks for the icelandic nature.
    we look forward to the actions!

    Maria and Stine

  9. Anonymous says:

    I make tshirts inspired by icelands nature and music. i want to help!


  10. Anonymous says:

    I am only an American teenager, but I will be there in the Summer to defend Iceland. ALCOA has no soul and must be stopped. I am sick and tired of the US and their raping of the last good things on earth for the power of a selfish dollar.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I was with you guys last year…I hope to be back in Iceland fighting with you again this Summer.

    Had a run-in with the Egilsstadir cops last August and have some unfinished business with a certain American company called ALCOA…

    Until I can join everyone out there in Iceland, keep up the good fight, we can’t let them destroy what little untouched world we have left just so that someone can make money.

    Our governments should be fighting alongside us, trying to defend what we should be preserving…everyone should be.

    We won’t let them win, we’re strong and unwilling to give in and stand aside.

    Until July, x

  12. Anonymous says:

    …. so much and reading about all these plans that will destroy Icelandic nature hurts me deeply.

    I shall take part in the protests this summer.

  13. Anonymous says:

    … when I saw the pictures of Iceland, I would like to join you over there for the campaign.

    femi from nigeria

  14. Anonymous says:

    … in July and was taken aback by its beauty!

    In a local coffee shop I found a post card titled “Iceland’s Globalization…the annihilation of its great wilderness” and my heart sank. I am the art director for a national magazine in the United States and am currently writing a story for our November issue entitled “Saving Iceland” and would really love to do an interview with someone who is in charge of this organization. If someone could get back to me I would be so very grateful as I believe it what you are trying to do and want to get the word out here in my corner of the world. –Thanks!

  15. Anonymous says:

    We’re in as well.

    Activist group “klein verzet” is trying to come. (first need to save some money)

  16. Anonymous says:

    We will join this years protests.
    When do they start?
    We will book the Ferry
    and plan our holidays.

  17. Magga Dorasdottir says:

    I will join – please someone tell me how I can help to fight against the savage beast that is trying to destroy the most beautiful of all places in this world.

    Takk og bless, bless,
    Margret Alice Dorasdottir

  18. André says:

    YOU are the most educated people in the world. You have a clean environment. I’m just a teacher in Brazil but I would like to help you although I cannot do much to save the rain forest in my country.

  19. Mr Godfrey says:

    I have a question related to this topic, but about the native Icelandic families.

    Would you also consider the Icelandic people as members of the animal kingdom of Iceland? Do Icelanders play a role in the ecosystem, or assist proliferation of native Icelandic animal species?

    Thank you for your hard work! More and more people around the world are becoming more conscious of the the natural forces of nature, and how we co-exist with our local environments.

    Mr. Godfrey