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Oct 26 2008

Saving Iceland Autumn Gathering

The Saving Iceland gathering will take place during the weekend of November, 7th – 9th, in Ghent in Belgium. Every activist who was involved in the Saving Iceland Campaign in the past, and everybody who wants to join the campaign in the future is welcome. For practical reasons we need to know how many people will come. So subscription is necessary. Let us know by sending an email to Ask by mail for more information about the exact location and the timetable.

Sep 05 2008

Skarphédinsson: No Impact Assessment Needed for Drilling for Alcoa

Minister of Industry Össur Skarphédinsson said at the Althingi (parliament) yesterday that experimental drilling in the geothermal area in northeast Iceland for the planned Alcoa aluminum smelter at Bakki near Húsavík should begin despite environmental assessment. Minister of the Environment Thórunn Sveinbjarnardóttir previously stated that Alcoa’s planned smelter at Bakki and the geothermal drilling that would power it need to be assessed as a whole. That may delay construction of the smelter. All of this is being discussed while there is already test drilling going on in Krafla ant Þeistareykir, which is proving highly destructive, as Saving Iceland reported earlier. Read More

Aug 06 2008

Environment Minister’s Smelter Decision under Fire

Iceland Review – The Althingi parliament’s environment committee will review Minister of the Environment Thórunn Sveinbjarnardóttir’s decision to have the entire aluminum smelter project at Bakki near Húsavík in north Iceland undergo a joint environmental impact assessment.
MP for the Social Democrats and chairman of the environment committee Helgi Hjörvar agreed to assemble the committee and discuss the controversial move made by the minister after receiving a proposal on the matter from Höskuldur Thórhallsson, the Progressive Party’s representative on the committee, 24 Stundir reports. Read More

Jul 27 2008

Demonstration outside Glencore’s Switzerland Headquarters

On 25 July 2008 a second solidarity action in Switzerland (Baar) took place. This is the letter the Saving Iceland Supporters from Switerland wrote us:

On 25 July 2008 we staged a demonstration outside Glencore’s headquarters in Switzerland to show our solidarity with the Saving Iceland campaign and to point the finger at Glencore’s business practices.

Glencore founded the Century Aluminum Co. in 1995 and remains the majority shareholder to this day. Therefore, Glencore can be held directly responsible both for the destruction and pollution in Iceland and for the human rights violations in Jamaica, Africa and Columbia being perpetrated by Century Aluminum.

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Jul 27 2008

Actions at all Icelandic Consulates in Switzerland

For the international action week in solidarity with the activists fighting at the camp in Iceland, some activists of the Swiss S.I. Supporters Group hand delivered a letter to the Icelandic Consuls and Ambassador in Switzerland. It contained an “ecological message for the Icelandic government” which we asked to be forwarded to the ministers for industry, the environment and economic affairs. Read More

Jul 27 2008

Solidarity Demo at ALCOA’s European Headquarters in Geneva

We just received this letter from Saving Iceland Supporters in Switzerland:

On 23 July we returned to the European Headquarters of ALCOA in Geneva, Avenue G. Motta 31, to stage a protest for the international Action Week in solidarity with the Saving Iceland campaign. Our aim was to put pressure on Alcoa and show support for the activists at the summer action camp in Iceland.

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Jul 14 2008

Landsvirkjun Wants to Reactivate Whole Energy Masterplan

Court Delays Hydropower Projects in Þjórsá

If all heavy industry projects that are planned in Iceland will be executed, the sector will require the double amount of energy that is uses today. The heavy industry sector currently uses about 61 percent of all energy produced in Iceland. Landsvirkjun has stated that the planned Þjórsá and Tungnaá (Langisjór) dams and geothermal exploitation (þeistareykir, Krafla, Hengill and Reykjanes) will not be sufficient and more power projects are needed. Landsvirkjun is basically suggesting that the whole original energy masterplan would need to be reactivated, contrary to supposed government policy.

In the mean time, the court case between landowners by Þjórsá river in south Iceland versus the state, on the harnessing rights of the river, will delay the construction of three planned hydropower plants, because of so-called Titan Agreements (an old water agreement). Read More

Jul 13 2008

Africa Suffers as Aluminium Price Peaks

The price of aluminum has risen by more than 35 percent since the beginning of 2008. Aluminium prices hit a record high this week as China, the world’s biggest producer, ordered smelters to reduce production because of power shortages. In Africa, electricity prices for consumers skyrocket as ESKOM, Landsvirkjun’s South African partner, attempts to free up energy for aluminium. As electricity is redirected to aluminium corporations, people suffer blackouts. Read More

Jul 13 2008

Lethe and Anarchy with the Social Democratic Alliance (Samfylkingin)

Due to Iceland’s current difficult economic situation (read our recent report Iceland Overheats) and the rapidly increasing aluminium prices. Prime Minister Geir H. Haarde (Independence Party, Sjálfstæðisflokkurinn), who is doing his best to negotiate new emission rights with the UN, and the Icelandic authorities are now more likely than ever before to approve new aluminium smelters.
Apparently the Social Democratic Alliance, who are part of the current coalition government with the Independence Party, drank too much of the Greek Lethe River. Those who drink from it experience complete forgetfulness, exhibiting concealment

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Jul 09 2008
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Eat the G8!

Food Not Bombs in Reykjavik

The G8 summit will be held from July 7 to 9 of this year, at Toya-ko lake in Hokkaido (Japan). In solidarity with the worldwide plan of actions held against the kind of globalization promoted by G8 and the repression of Japanese police against activists, an action also took place in Reykjavik yesterday. Beginning a few months ago, the energetic and enthusiastic Icelandic Food Not Bombs group has been serving food for free every Saturday in the center of Reykjavik.This is definetely a succesful activity where not only the homeless people from Reykjavik, but also the Saturday afternooon shoppers, passersby and promenading tourists find their way to a healthy vegan lunch, prepared with ingredients which are not any longer considered as worthy for consumption by our throw-it-away society. Read More