Íslandi ógnað

Síða í vinnslu

Hér munt þú finna upplýsingar um landssvæði sem eru undir hættu á eyðileggingu og þau sem nú þegar hafa verið eyðilögð; fyrirtækin sem standa að eyðileggingunni; og þá einstaklinga sem sérstaklega bera ábyrgð á þessum glæpum.

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One Response to “Íslandi ógnað”

  1. Bob Innes skrifar:

    Much saddened to read about the pollution in Iceland. I was about to book tickets for a visit – wanted to learn more about Iceland’s so called economic recovery/miracle, meet (and maybe stay amongst) a people capable of wresting control from banksters and of course enjoy the natural beauty. Alas, the beauty is getting swamped, the miracle was just a myth(?), plus the fact that the airship that would bring me is mostly aluminum. Talk about dilemma! I have to buy bottled water at home (to avoid fluoridation) so in Iceland I would have to buy bottled air to avoid the same neurotoxin? What a bummer!

    Your map will help me think this through, though it seems not to show air pollution zones which could affect my health. Please let me know if I got that wrong or an update is/becomes available.

    My take on this situation is ambivalent (glad it’s not my problem). I’d be interested to help devise strategies to combat the globalist corporate agenda (probably by educating tourists) but OTOH, maybe its good that greenies somewhere got some comuppance for falling for the CO2/warming scam in the first place. Maybe this situation will cause a few greenified minds to rethink why ubiquitous, life-giving CO2 is being touted as the big bad monster – and why that is accepted so readily by big bad corporations, who now want to come to Iceland for that nice green (read free) energy! A convoluted quagmire to be sure.

    I’m still open to suggestions and advice despite the dent in my enthusiasm. Apologies for posting on the Icelandic page but the comment form is here. Thanks.